The girl whose name I couldn’t recall was Kristen, as Amanda reminded me. Sorry, Kristen!

Today was marginally more exciting than yesterday. Work was pretty slow for the first half of the day so I went through a list of clients and started e-mailing them to make sure they were aware of some of the newer services we have available. For lunch I met Amanda, her grandparents and Anna at the mall. I walked Amanda out to her car after we ate. She’d meant to pick up some powder from the Proactiv kiosk when we were in there so I went back and got it for her. After that I dropped a couple checks off at the bank and picked up some toilet paper at Target. Active day.

I got back and actually had a bit of work to do to finish out the day. Amanda came home and made some quiche for dinner then we watched some TV. Supernatural was good, as always. It was a Groundhog Day kind of episode where the day kept repeating itself over and over, and each time Dean kept dying.

We ordered some Girl Scout cookies a while back and they came tonight. It was funny that they came tonight because Amanda had just been wondering when they were coming when the doorbell rang. We then watched American Idol. I wasn’t too interested in watching, but it wasn’t bad. It was the first voting night and the guys started it out singing songs from the 60s.

Amanda and I were lying on the bed this evening and noticed that, with the way we have the bed now and the fact that there’s a lamp next to it we were casting shadows on the wall.  We had more fun than any grown people have a right to playing with the shadows.

Amanda went to bed after that and I’m watching last week’s Boston Legal right now even as this week’s is recording. I think I’ll play some Call of Duty after it’s over.

In the news, Fidel Castro stepped down as “president” of Cuba today, or said he plans to. I’m not exactly sure which. Big changes though, yeah? His brother, Raul, is going to take his place. Some people are thinking this might be a change that will open things up to democracy and whatnot, but Raul is no spring chicken and had been basically running the country for months now, so while I haven’t followed Cuban politics or anything I don’t think much will change for now. I do wonder what will happen when Raul steps down or dies.

Also in the news, I heard that HD-DVD has given up the fight for the next generation video format. It’s been pretty clear for a while that Blu-ray was going to win. They had the PlayStation 3 using their format, it has a much higher capacity and Netflix recently announced it was going to only carry Blu-ray. HD-DVD is now going the way of the Betamax, although it doesn’t seem like the fight was as long. This time though, I think the better format won out. I found myself pulling for HD-DVD for a while for some reason, but Blu-ray really did seem the better choice. Sucks for people like Barry who bought a player or an addon to be able to play HD-DVD discs.

Zach Dotsey