Went to church then out to eat at Saltworks with Mike and Kaitlyn and Dave. Kyle was up all last night coughing so he and Lorin didn’t make it.

We went home and Amanda picked up a little while I took the recycling out. We’d run into a problem with the Podz in that the only output I could find on the stereo receiver was where the speaker wires go into it so I was going to go by Best Buy to see if I could get something to hook them up, but on the way there I reasoned out that I couldn’t and went on back home. Just as I was coming in the back door after putting the recycling bins back up Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, and her friend Eleanor were coming in. Karen had come to drop off an end table for us which now sits between our two couches. It’s the third or fourth thing we’ve had there.

They stuck around while Amanda and I fumbled through making some grilled pizza. We had some issues with the dough but it turned out alright anyway. We mainly did it because we were practicing for making some for next week. Michael came by while we were all eating. Karen and Eleanor left after lunch but Michael stuck around to do his laundry and play Rock Band. It took us forever to get past Enter Sandman. Before Rock Band we all went out to Best Buy to see if we could in fact find anything to plug the Podz in. We found out receiver on display at Best Buy and found where you could plug in the headphones, which works for our purposes. It’s not the best solution, but it will work. I didn’t see the hole at home because as wide as the receiver is, the headphone plug is partially covered up. When we got home I slid the unit over enough to use it. The speakers receive well out as far as the patio, which should be plenty for Saturday.

Michael left and Amanda and I watched a little TV. She watched the Oscar pre-show in the living room while I watched Wake play Carolina at the Dean Dome. The Deacs stuck with the Heels for most of the first half but Wayne Ellington put Carolina up nine with a three at just before the buzzer at the half. It shouldn’t have counted, as he took extra steps, but oh well. Carolina went away with it in the second half and I quit watching after a while. They ended up winning 89-73. I figured Wake Forest wouldn’t be able to follow up last week’s Duke upset with a win at the Dean Dome.

After that we watched the Oscars. I dozed in and out of it but I did wake up in time to see Daniel Day Lewis win Best Actor and No Country For Old Men win Best Picture. Amanda was in bed and asleep by then, when I went upstairs.

Zach Dotsey