Took Harvey to the vet this morning to have a lump looked at. He’s had it on his right foreleg at his elbow for a while. Dr. Dineen said it looked like it was just a cyst. It’s not going to go away by itself, but he said he wouldn’t suggest getting it removed unless Harvey has to go under for something else. Nothing to worry about though. He said to keep an eye on it and if it gets larger or becomes more attached to let them know. He also said it would be okay to feed Harvey more, which we actually just started doing a few days ago.

Not a whole lot of note with work today.

Jason and I came up with a movie idea and discussed it for a while. It was fun to do. I guess we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Amanda and I watched Saturday Night Live- the first new episode since the writers strike ended. After that we flipped around a bit. She watched My Dad’s Better Than Your Dad, another terrible new game show. In this one there are a few dad-kid teams where the dads compete for bragging rights and the chance to earn a good bit of money for answering questions about their kid. That’s all well and good, but the shittalk is what I didn’t like. They have interviews with the teams where the dad or the kid will often talk crap, and then during the competition one of the kids was taunting one of the dads, and I don’t mean his own. Classy people.

The final round came down to a dad who was a reserve Navy Seal (who talked crap, surprisingly) and a dad who was a surgeon. The surgeon won, which made me happy. He was humble and unassuming.

Zach Dotsey