There was a dream Karen had last week that you may or may not recall.  IT was wondered if it might be prophetic, but it was not.  (My mom, on a total side note, has had at least two prophetic dreams, true story.  In one she saw a friend of hers dead in the backseat of a car, and then he died shortly after that.  In another she saw Adam riding a horse that jumped out a window in a skyscraper, and not long after that he fell out of a loft in a barn.)

Our neighbor, Bonnie, thought today was my birthday.  She got up early and left a bag with a card and a book in it at the door.  I called her to thank her and let her know that of all the animals she signed the card for, Cream had been left off.  I told her I was upset at Cream.

Did anything else of note happen today?  Oh, poor, poor Tennessee.  Tennessee was ranked number one yesterday after beating the Memphis Tigers over the weekend.  It was the first time in the school’s history that they were ranked number one.  They then lost their first game as the first ranked team in the nation when they went to visit Vanderbilt, who has apparently beat the last three number one teams that visited them in their hideous gym.  (I really don’t like it- the sidelines have way too much space, there are these giant pillars and the coaches and teams sit at the baseline instead of the sideline.)  It was a good game, but Tennessee couldn’t pull it off and lost 72-69.  Technically they’re still ranked number one until next Monday but really they only got a single day to enjoy being the top team before losing it.

I suppose Carolina will take over in the ESPN poll or Memphis will in the AP poll unless one of them loses.  Carolina plays Boston College Saturday, which they should easily win, and Memphis plays Southern Mississippi, also on Saturday and also a should-win.  I think Memphis should take the one-spot.  They’ve only got one loss and while they’ve played a much weaker schedule than Carolina, Carolina has two loses and they’ve come very close to losing a number of other games.  (Okay, I might be a little biased.)

I played a little Civilization IV for the heck of it tonight.  It was in my head so I thought I’d do it.

Zach Dotsey