I rang in the day playing Rise of Nations, an RTS I haven’t played in quite some time.  I just felt like playing a good RTS game last night, so that’s what I did until the early morn.

I woke up, showered, put on a polo shirt and went to the DMV to renew my license.  I didn’t have to wait overly long, and the iPhone helped to pass the time a little.  The guy sitting next to me was looking stuff up on his phone too, and I commented how nice it was to have these things to pass our time.

There was a girl there who was trying to get her license.  She was wearing a ribbon proclaiming that it was her birthday, so I told her it was mine too.  Whatever school she goes to in Leland had misinformed her and her mother and they were going to have to go back to the school to get some kind of form for her.  The mom kept going on about it.

I had perhaps my worst ever showing at a DMV.  I tried the vision test without my glasses and couldn’t even see the left-most panel.  I mean, I could see it, but not that there was anything in it.  The woman behind the desk told me to put my glasses back on.  Then I did the sign test and I got all the labeled signs right, but I only got one of the blank ones right, which was the stop sign one.  If I’d known I was going to have to do all that I would have studied up a little.  Didn’t matter anyway.

While I was there I updated my voter registration so I am now officially unaffiliated.  I can’t stand the parties- they’re way too divisive and I think they’re hurting the country.  It’s like telling Duke fans and Carolina fans to come together and discuss basketball.

Anyhoo, I didn’t realize that you could only pay at the DMV with cash or check, so I had to run home to get a check.  Fortunately the DMV isn’t far from Market and Gordon.  My dad had left a message on the answering machine so I called him back on my way back to the DMV.  I may be 30 today, but he’s 52.

After that the day was just work.  It wasn’t overly busy, which was nice.  I got calls throughout the day from my mom, Jason, Aunt Robbie, Baba and Pap, Karen, Adam and Andra, plus a whole bunch of Facebook and MySpace messages.

Amanda asked what I wanted for dinner and I told her spaghetti and meatballs.  I’ve actually been wanting that for some time or some reason, so that’s what she made me.  We ate that with some Texas toast and wine then had some birthday cake.  We’ve still got LOTS of birthday cake.

There was supposed to be a bad storm tonight so I took down my Duke flag and secured some things outside then took the huge cardboard box my basketball goal came in to the recycling bins at the Lowe’s Food.  There were lots of tornado watches (or warnings- I never can keep that straight, but it’s whichever is less severe) but I don’t think anything major happened, at least not around here.

We settled in to watching some TV.  I was watching Carolina play Florida State in the office while Amanda watched American Idol.  FSU kept up with the Heels until late in the first half.  They never really threatened in the second half.  Carolina tends to win on my birthday it seems.  What kind of reverse mojo is that?

After Idol was over Amanda and all the boys (Bruce, Cobb and Harvey) came into the office and we watched the end of the game.  (The DVR was recording two shows in the living room so we couldn’t change it.)  Andra called me and we talked for a bit.  She told me that Jackson was starting to get witty.  Josh had taken him to the grocery store and was letting him swipe the credit card, but Jackson had trouble with it and Josh had to help him.  On the way home Jackson told Josh he was going to help him fix dinner, but he wasn’t going to now because Josh hadn’t let him pay by himself.  That kid is getting older and older.  He also sang (half of) Happy Birthday to me.

After the game I got some birthday treatment, which was nice.  Then Amanda went to bed and I finished the day out as I’d started it, playing some Rise of Nations.

And so went my first day in a new decade of life.

Zach Dotsey