It’s really not a big deal, being 30.  I took 25 much harder.  It seems strange to me to think of people who have known me as a baby (parents, relatives) and think of all the changes they’ve seen me go through.

Today wasn’t overly eventful.  At work, Scott and I got caught up on a number of things and I finally asked him about a raise, which I’ve been meaning to do for about a month now (which was around the time I’d been with the company for three years).  I told him my reasons for hesitating on the request, but he said to never feel bad about that. He said he didn’t keep any kind of calendar on when to do something like that and that he liked to “keep it casual.”  Then he told me if he hadn’t gotten back to me about it by Monday to remind him.

Part of the reason I went ahead and asked is that finance are a little tight right now and my commission from last month (to be paid at the end of this month) was piss-poor.  The company as a whole has been significantly more profitable so far this year, but sales leads are way down, which Scott thinks has to do with one of the major sites we were advertising on having been bought, the domain name changed and subsequently its ranking having gone way down in the search engines.


Michael came by this afternoon and we shot some basketball until about 7:00.  This time he swept me in HORSE for three games then I won one.  We also played a game he made up called School, which is somewhat like Around the World.  I couldn’t get past elementary school while he got to twelfth grade but never could quite graduate.

He left to get some food while I watched Duke play Virginia.  I started out watching it in the office because Amanda had been watching an episode of Days of Our Lives on the DVR and it was only about halfway through, but it didn’t take her too long to finish and we (Michael had just gotten back with some Chinese food) moved into the living room.

I’m glad to say that Duke definitely looked better tonight than they have been.  They got the lead up to around nineteen in the second half.  UVA went on a 10-0 run to get it back down to a single digit game, but then Duke turned it back on and got back up to a sixteen point lead, winning in the end 86-70, turning on the stall ball (which this year’s team executes SO much better than last year’s) somewhere around the 8-9 minute mark.

They played good D, even utilizing a healthy bit of zone, shot pretty well and just overall did a fine job.  I’m glad they didn’t struggle like they have been lately since the next game is Carolina at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  The Heels just got Ty Lawson back (even though he’s not 100%) and I think they’re playing overall better than they were around the last time the teams met whereas Duke has looked a bit shaky.  There’s a lot on the line in that game too: ACC regular season champs, number one ACC tournament seed and possibly a number one seed for the NCAA tournament with the rights to play most of the tournament in North Carolina.

No pressure.

I’m not going to say how I feel about this game one way or the other.

After the game we watched tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters, although I dozed off during the reveal.  Amanda mentioned that it was a pretty good one, so I told her not to delete it yet.  After that she went to bed and I played some Call of Duty 4 for a bit with Michael and a couple other people on Xbox Live.  I did terrible some games and decent in others.

Zach Dotsey