Amanda and I got up around 9:00 this morning. I started working on our taxes, which I’ve been meaning to do for a couple weeks now; we’ve just been busy. Amanda went out and got some breakfast from Atlanta Bread. When she got back with breakfast I had found the year’s previous matchup, Duke at Carolina, on ESPNU and we watched that.

Amanda went back out later to take Mike Boscaljon to work. He’d asked me on Thursday if he might be able to get a ride as they have one car and Kaitlyn went to visit a friend in Virginia Beach this weekend. I was going to take him, but I was still working on the taxes- the deductions took forever. While she was out she went by a few places to look for new Duke apparel, as I mentioned that she needed a shirt. She ended up getting a shirt and hat for both of us along with some little athletic shorts for herself. Can’t wait to see those on her.

While she was gone Michael came over. He watched some TV then went out to shoot the basketball. I joined him after I finished the taxes. He beat me at a few games of HORSE, one time not missing once. We played some one-on-one to five. I did pretty well but ended up losing 4-5.

We came in and watched UNCW beat Delaware in one round of the CAA Tournament, then Amanda watched One Tree Hill.  The game came on.  Duke got the first basket with a three.  After that Carolina went up and up and ended the half with I think an eleven point lead.  In the second half Duke mounted a furious comeback and took a small lead with about four minutes left.  But then they couldn’t execute anymore and Carolina was able to get back up.  Final score: 76-68.

I think Amanda was initially more upset about it than I was.  I mean the loss hurts, particularly since Duke scrapped so hard to come back and it was Demarcus Nelson’s final game at Cameron.  Plus Duke hadn’t been beaten at home this year.  (On the other side of the coin, the Tar Heels haven’t been beaten away from the Dean Dome.)  It also bothers me that I didn’t feel nervous about the game (which, contrarily, made me nervous about the game).  But it’s okay.  Duke has now finished second in the ACC, which is better than last year, and they should have a two seed locked up.  Of course, this means that Carolina has very likely locked up the overall number one seed, so they have a really great chance of making it to at least the Final Four since they’ll likely be playing in Raleigh and Charlotte.

I suppose I should get to bed.  The clock “springs forward” tomorrow, so I have the honor of losing an hour of street.  There’s a show on that I’ve wanted to watch though, called Life After People.  So I’ll probably watch that then go to bed.

Maybe my nerves will have settled by then too.

Zach Dotsey