The first thing I noticed when I slipped my Rainbows on this morning was that the left one wasn’t mine.  If you’ve had Rainbows for a while you can just tell when you’re putting one on that isn’t yours.  They meld to your foot at some point and if it’s someone else’s you just know, like… hmm.  I’m really at a loss for a metaphor.  That sucks.  I think I could come up with a pretty good metaphor for this.  Anyway, my left shoe was not my own, yet it was too big to be Amanda’s, which meant that Michael had slipped mine on yesterday.

We went to church.  Mike and Dave (who’d stayed over at Dave’s in Kaitlyn’s absence last night) sat with us and went to eat at IHOP with us afterwards.  After that we all went our separate ways.  Well, Amanda and I went home, Dave and Mike went back to Mike’s and presumably Dave dropped Mike off at work then went on back to his own place after that.

Amanda worked on the scrapbooks a bit.  She’s decided not to do one for every single year, but to just keep it going continuously-like.  I took a long nap on the couch with Bruce.  Michael and his roommate, Matt Cole, came by to shoot some hoops around 5:00 or so.  We started off with HORSE and each of us won a game.  Then we played some school, lowered the goal and had a dunk contest then played some one-on-one with the out-man reffing.  That was tough- we each played a first-to-eleven game with both of the other guys, so it was really tiring.  Michael beat me and Matt and I beat Matt.  Michael warned us both about fouls, and since Matt liked to back up pretty hard I finally let him bowl me over one time to pick up a charge, which Michael called.  I thought it was pretty clever.  When Michael told me I’d flopped I asked if it was more of a Greg Paulus flop or a Tyler Hansbrough flop.

Matt’s moving out of the apartment with Michael really soon and into a double-wide with his girlfriend and another couple.  Now, I can’t help but to think there will be all kinds of issues with that, but Matt explained that he was finally given the opportunity to purchase an Andy’s, which has been a goal of his for quite some time.  he’s moving because it will be cheaper and he’ll be much, much closer to his store.  So while I don’t know that the living conditions will be the best, I can understand his reasoning.  I hope he does well with it.
As we were finishing the last game Amanda came out to let us know that our chicken pot pie dinner was ready.  Matt had apparently never had chicken pot pie before, but he’s even more sensitive about vegetables than I am, so that’s understandable.  He was grateful for the food but didn’t eat much.

Matt and Michael left.  Amanda and I watched a little TV then she went to bed.  Matt, Michael and I had played three hours of basketball.  I can already tell that I’m going to feel it in the morning.

Zach Dotsey