Amanda had a freaky experience last night. She felt like she was awake, but she had looked up from the bed and thought she saw me standing near the stairs/bathroom, just looking at her. She said something to “me” a few times and I didn’t move and it was starting to freak her out. I was downstairs in the office at the time. Then she heard some noise outside that sounded like someone was messing with something in the yard and to top it all off Bruce started barking at something from the top of the steps.

Not too much to talk about for today. After work I went to Best Buy with Michael to help advise him in purchasing a surround sound system. He picked up Condemned 2 for the Xbox 360 and wanted the full experience. The system he got looks like a decent one and wasn’t too expensive. Unfortunately for him, his Xbox gave him the infamous three rings of death, so he didn’t get to play. On the positive side, he can now send his Xbox in for repairs for free. It’s been giving him trouble for a while.

He stayed over for a bit after dropping me back by the house and we shot the basketball a little, mostly playing some HORSE. I won the first game, then Amanda came out to join us and Michael won. Then, amazingly, we played again and Amanda won. Michael couldn’t hit the “shove from the chest” shot Amanda had called. After that Michael and I just shot around a bit, trying to drive to the basket and block each other. Amanda kept shouting “I’m open, I’m open!” until we began passing the ball to her to pass back to us. Let’s just say I don’t think she’ll be a starting point guard any time soon. She was real cute out there though, playing ball and dribbling.

I didn’t want to watch TV tonight, but when I walked into the living room while Amanda was watching that terrible show To Tell the Truth or whatever it’s called, Bruce was sitting on the loveseat and he looked up at me like he wanted me to sit with him for a bit, so I did. American Idol came on after that and, long story short, David Hernandez got voted off. Part of me wondered if that might not have had to do with the recently-come-to-light fact that he was once a stripper at a gay bar. As in, I wonder if he was really voted off or the producers of American Idol decided it was a good opportunity to get rid of him.

They had all three of the bottom voters sing tonight before the results, which is a change from how it’s usually done. When Kristy Lee Cook came up, she was extremely real about the situation to the point of defeatist sarcasm. She even apologized that everyone was going to have to hear her song again. For what it’s worth, I thought she did better tonight, although the arrangement really was just kind of obnoxious.

Zach Dotsey