Bruce and I fell asleep on the couch last night. I woke up at 5:55 and went upstairs to get in bed. Harvey, who has tended to fall asleep in the most inopportune places for me to comfortably get in bed without pushing him around a little, was sleeping a little further down on the bed than usual, so I was able to get in there pretty easily. However, he decided, once I got comfortable, that it was time to go outside and pee.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but we’ve taken to calling Bruce and Harvey “The Little One” and “The Big One,” respectively.

I got a call early this morning from Amanda.  She was driving down third street and saw a motorcycle get hit by a car right in front of her!  She said a car was backing out of a driveway and just ran right over the motorcycle.  The guy on the bike was somehow able to jump away and was fine, but his motorcycle was directly under the car.  Amanda stopped and talked to a guy on another bike who was with the other guy and he said it looked like he was fine.  In fact, he’d gotten up and was having words with the sixty-or-so year-old man who had just nearly killed him.

Work wasn’t too terribly busy today. It was a little frantic in the morning as I had two or three people needing things from me all at the same time, but that was about it. That’s nice because I was able to keep the play-in ACC Tournament games on as I was working. Florida State beat Wake Forest by ten in the first one. The second one was Miami and NC State, which Miami won handily.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, came by the house around 6:00.  She’s staying the night so she can go to the hospital tomorrow to hang out for Amanda’s grandma’s cancer surgery.  Amanda and Karen went to Zaxby’s to pick up some dinner, which we ate outside because it was nice out.

It was awesome outside today, by the way.  I kept walking outside for a few minutes just because it was so nice out.

There’s been a bit of uncertainty about where to have small group.  Some of us haven’t been comfortable having it in a restaurant because not all of us order food but we take up space and they have to wait on us to leave.  I ended up making a decision to have it at our house like we always used to tonight so we could have a discussion about it.  We ended up deciding to keep having it at McAllister’s, but we’re going to see about moving it to 6:30 on Wednesdays.

Karen decided to go to the mall while we were having small group and we saw her pull up in the driveway towards the end of it, but she never came in.  As everyone was leaving I went out to see what the deal was, but the van was locked and empty.  We finally got in touch with her, and it turned out that Michael had come by and picked her up to go eat some hibachi.  They came back and he stuck around long enough for us all to talk a bit and watch this week’s new episode of South Park, which was about Cartman getting and passing on HIV.

Zach Dotsey