Another day of work and basketball.  Carolina beat Florida State, who kept up with them throughout the first half.  Virginia Tech beat Miami, so that’s who will be playing Carolina tomorrow.  Last time they met the Heels beat the Hokies by forty or so.  Hopefully Virginia Tech will have a nicer performance and, if nothing else, tire the Heels out a bit.

On the other side of the bracket, Duke beat Georgia Tech.  Duke got a 19-point lead but it got cut to two points before the Blue Devils got back in gear to win by twelve.  Clemson demolished Boston College, 82-48.  I’m hoping Clemson got a little tired, because they were still running and gunning a bit and hitting dunks and jumpers when they could have been milking the clock some more, but they did take out all the starters towards the end.  I just hope Duke beats them as well as they did last time they met.  Actually, the last time the two played, Carolina lost too.  That was when we went to see Tommy.

My sister, Erin came by this afternoon.  She was planning on hanging out with her friend, Sam, and maybe walking around the Loop at Wrightsville.  To that end, she brought Schatzi, my parents’ papillion.   She ended up not going for a walk, but Schatzi got to hang out with me and Bruce and Harvey for a bit.
Amanda went by the hospital to see her grandma after work.  She seems to be doing just fine.

Renee Sikes, my brother Adam’s fiancee, got a couple lanes at Ten Pen Alley, the bowling alley on this side of town, right off of College when you first come into town, for Adam’s 25th birthday today.  She told me the plan was for people to show up around 6:00, but Amanda didn’t get home until about then.  We weren’t the last to show up, so it wasn’t too bad of us.

I was told they were given some issues, like since not everyone showed up right at 6:00 Renee was told if people didn’t hurry up and show up they wouldn’t let us have two lanes, and for some reason they didn’t have Renee as having paid for the two lanes, so we had to pay for the bowling and the shoes when we were only expecting the shoes.  (Renee said she’d pay us back for that, which I feel a bit bad about.  it wouldn’t be a big deal if we weren’t so tight right now.)  I was pleased with the staff, personally.  They found the Duke-Georgia Tech game for me and put it on a nearby TV.

A number of people Adam works with were there.  We played two sets, or games, or rounds; whatever it’s called.  I started off doing really, really well for my first five frames or so, but then I went downhill.  I did even worse in the second game.  Amanda did the opposite- she had a rough go the first set but did pretty well in the second.

We left after that and swung by BoJangle’s so Amanda could get a biscuit then we went home and finished watching the game, which wasn’t as much in question at that point.  Amanda and I watched Lost and The Soup then she went to bed while I watched the end of the Clemson-BC game.  On Lost the big surprise was Michael, but everyone, and I mean everyone, saw it coming.  We also find out that Jin is apparently going to die at some point.
There was a tornado that hit Atlanta tonight, and it appears to have hit the Georgia Dome, where the SEC Tournament was being held.  There was some flooding and the scaffolding shook, but nobody was hurt.  The Georgia-Kentucky game was postponed, so I don’t know if that means the winner of that game will play two games tomorrow or what.  That seems pretty unfair, but they do have to have the tournament championship game done on Sunday so the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee can do their job.

There’s a show on the History Channel called Shockwave that I’ve wanted to check out for a bit.  It’s about shocking moments caught on tape and the things that go on with it.  For example, on the one I got to watch tonight (it’s still on, actually).  There have been some truly brutal things shown on that show.  In the first segment a bomb goes detonates in a bomb container, but a guy’s face it above it.  In the part on now a guy went up a ramp on a motorbike, but it went off to the side from the safe zone he was supposed to land in.  He ended up landing face first on a bulldozer, shattered his leg, collapsed a lung and some other things.  It makes me wince each time they show it.

Anyway, I should head off to bed.  Happy 25th birthday, Adam.

Zach Dotsey