Usual Saturday morning, plus Schatzi. Dogs were up and down a bunch.

Breakfast at Atlanta Bread them to the mall to get a shirt for Adam’s birthday.  Went ahead and got myself one too because they were cheaper that way.  While we were out Schatzi busted out of her cage.

Took dogs to the beach. Came back and watched Carolina-Virginia Tech. Amanda went out to get a late birthday present for Erin. Virginia tech lead by six most of the game, but Carolina won on YET ANOTHER last second luck shot. Sick of it. At least Deron Washington dunked on Danny Green. It was karma’s mushroom stamp to the back of the head for the comments Green made about dunking on Paulus- that a lot of people across the country didn’t like Greg Paulus so a lot of them probably enjoyed seeing it.

Kentucky lost to Georgia in overtime. They moved the SEC tournament to a smaller venue and only allowed friends, family and the media to the games since the Georgia Dome was damaged. I imagine there are a lot of pissed off SEC fans right now.

Duke went on to lose to Clemson.  They just couldn’t seem to pull it together.  No, I take that back.  They didn’t play great, but the Blue Devils didn’t play poor either (although I’m not sure if Kyle Singler had any baskets at all).  Clemson just outplayed them.  Sucks anyway.

Mom and Dad got here shortly after the game.  Shot the basketball briefly with dad then I drove us, them and Erin to Olive Garden to meet Adam and Renee.  When we got there Erin accidentally told them we had a party of five (the number of people in the Jetta) so once they called us we had to go back and wait a few more minutes, but we were having good conversation sitting in the bar, so it wasn’t a huge deal.

We had a really good time eating.  We talked about a lot of stuff and laughed at a bunch of things- just had a really good time visiting with (most of) my family.

All day we’ve had warnings of a huge storm coming through.  It came and went while we were eating.  We were next to a window and it was pretty nasty out- lots of rain and wind.

Afterwards everyone came back to our house for a little.  Adam played some Rock Band (just the guitar) while Mom and I walked Harvey and Elmo so they’d hopefully get along better.  My parents brought Elmo because she’d been attacked and they had to watch after her.  She’s fine, but she has a tube or something in one of her legs and has to wear a cone.  She kept growling at Harvey but they seemed better by the end of the night.

Zach Dotsey