Talked to my dad first thing today.  He was on the way to practice golfing.  He said John Quinn was doing okay.  Had some bad seizures last week, but seems okay for now.  I really need to give him a call.

Amanda and I had a nice morning, although it was a bit of a later morning than usual.  We went to Saltworks for breakfast then went to the mall so she could pick up some Nexxus conditioner.  While we were there she decided to use a gift card for Express.  I got bored in there so I went to play with my iPhone sitting outside the store in a chair.  To my surprise, Amanda’s cousin Stanton walked up.  Turns out that he and his girlfriend are in town for a wedding in Ocean Isle and she needed a bra.

Stanton needed a jacket too because, as Amanda put it, he’s a boy and didn’t look at the weather forecast before leaving Chapel Hill.  The weather, by the way, got colder today.  Anyway, he needed a jacket so we went to Express Men, where they had some $10 shirts, so I got one.  I also got a hoodie after Stanton pointed out that they were on sale too.

After that we decided to meet them at PT’s.  Amanda and I weren’t too hungry yet, so I got a grilled cheese.  We ate outside, which wasn’t too bad except for when the wind blew.

After that they were going to go by the Port City Java where Michael works to surprise him, but it turned out that Michael had gotten off work before they got there.

We got home then realized we hadn’t done most of the running around we needed to do so we went to back out.  All in all we hit up the mall, Sam’s Club, Target and then the mall again, because Amanda was told Penny’s was where Anna gets her Nexxus conditioner and Amanda couldn’t find any of it in bulk or in a bag (which are cheaper options than buying it at Target).  But then it turned out that there was no place in the mall that carried it anymore, so Amanda went out and got it later.  I was about tired of driving around at that point.

We got home and I took a bit of a nap while Amanda worked on the scrapbooking.  Then we watched Carolina beat Louisville, which was, of course, upsetting.  That was Rick Pitino’s first loss ever in an Elite Eight game.

Zach Dotsey