I was up at 5:30 this morning to direct at church today.  I really should get up earlier for that- I generally get out of the house at 6:00, which is the time I should be getting there.  However, that early I usually feel like I’m in the way anyway, and nothing gets held up because of me.  I had a really good crew today and I think we did pretty well.

The music and the message were good, but what really stood out today was the video bump.  For each series the church does there’s a small introductory video that plays between the last song and the time Mike Ashcroft comes out to deliver the message.  The video bump for this series is downright awesome.  They used professional stunt drivers, used a little CG, and it just looks overall so good.  Check it out.

Pursuit Intro SD from Port City Community Church on Vimeo.

While I was at church I got a text message from Mike Boscaljon asking if Amanda and I wanted to go see 21 with him and Kaitlyn.  As early as I’d been up, as crappy as the weather was and as late as I’d been up the night before, I didn’t much feel like going to see the movie.  Originally we were going to go to the beach with them today, but that was before the weather.

It was drizzly all day and it had started sometime last night.  I know that because at around 4:00 I put Harvey outside.  The nice thing about it is that there has just been so damn much pollen lately.  When I dribbled the basketball in the driveway I’d usually see a small yellow cloud spring up.  The cars were covered.  Any water splashed on the patio or the front porch would be ringed in yellow.  It was getting old.  Last night when I let Harvey out I noticed that about halfway down the patio you could see a line of pollen.  So today there were all kinds of pollen puddles all over the place- standing water tinged with yellow scum.  I’m glad to be rid of it.

Memphis just flat out manhandled Texas today, so I guess they really were worthy of their number one seed.  I’d doubted them, despite only losing one game all season, because of their relatively weak schedule and the fact that they play in a weaker conference.  But they played on fire.  After that Davidson played Kansas.  I was honestly a bit conflicted in that one.  I felt that Kansas has the better chance of beating Carolina, but Davidson, a ten seed, had a great story in getting to the Final Four.  The game was tight the whole time- I think the biggest lead was seven points.  Kansas ended up winning by two when Davidson couldn’t get a good shot at a three.  Great game and a good ending for a Cinderella team.

Amanda was upset by the loss, saying she didn’t really have anyone to pull for now.  I told her she could go for whoever plays the Heels, and she said she would, but she’s not interested in watching them now since she’s not really invested in them at all.

I loaded up Stronghold yesterday.  It’s a game that’s several years old, and I remember playing it with Adam one time when I came here to Wilmington to visit him before we moved down here.  Actually, it was the first weekend I had Bruce.  He was so tiny.  Anyway, I’ve been on an old games kick lately, so I played that yesterday some and today.

Zach Dotsey