Breakfast at Saltworks then we went to Sam’s Club. 

We had plans for the Boscaljons to come over, Kaitlyn and Amanda were going to bake while Mike and I watched Final Four games, but Kaitlyn ended up staying home. 

Ended up playing lots of basketball- me, Michael, Mike and later Kyle after he and Lorin came over.  Amanda had gone out to pick up some chips to snack on and got some Cheetos, which aren’t my favorite chips.  We missed most of Memphis vs. UCLA from being outside playing ball.  It was the Mikes versus me and Kyle and we won.  Memphis also won. 

By the time the Carolina-Kansas game started everyone had gone except for Mike, who stuck around to watch the first half with me and Amanda.  I think the Cheetos must have been the magic thing that caused it, but the game started off with Carolina down 28 points.  Yes, 28 points.  It was 40-12.  Amanda and I didn’t feel good about it though, and Carolina came back to within 4, but still lost by 18.  Man, they got their butts kicked twice!  In one game! 

It was such a wonderful thing. Really it was.  All week people had been hyping up the matchup between Carolina and Kansas, since Roy Williams, the coach of the Tar Heels, had coached at Kansas before basically sneaking out of there to coach at UNC.  Jayhawks fans still held some animosity, but I think this smackdown will probably help them get over that.  Kansas really put on a great show.  They played awesome.

Zach Dotsey