I thought I’d be sore from playing so much basketball yesterday, but only my legs felt heavy. 

We went to church then had breakfast at Atlanta bread with Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon.  Amanda and I stopped by Michael’s apartment on the way home to invite to beach and ended up telling him he was going with us.  We went home, let dogs out, changed, picked up Michael and went to beach. 

I’d taken one of the spring suits to try to surf, but it was WAY too cold.  Michael and I did, however, cover Amanda’s face in shells and played Shellball, a new game we invented.  Shellball started out with us throwing a shell in the air and smacking it with our hand, but that hurt.  So we ended up throwing a shell up in the air and hitting it with another shell.  Michael was doing well with his shell, but it ended up breaking.  I was hitting rocks with my Shellball shell so he coveted it.  He kept trying to get me to give it to him but I knew he’d either throw it away or try to break it.  I ended up having to hide it from him.

We went home and watched some TV.  I’m still happy about Carolina’s loss.  on the Duke message board someone asked this riddle: "What’s better than watching Carolina get their asses kicked?"

The answer: Watching them get their asses kicked twice.  In one game.

When we first went over to Michael’s place he was playing Call of Duty 4 and let us hear how good his surround sound is with it.  Inspired by that, I loaded up Call of Duty when Amanda went to bed and played some single player of it to try to adjust my surround sound a bit.

Zach Dotsey