I picked Amanda up from work at 9:00 this morning and we headed over to New Hanover Regional Hospital.  Amanda’s aunt, Anna Frazelle, met us there.  We all met with Dr. Gajewski (guy-ow-ski) then Amanda was taken off to be poked and prodded some more.

Dr. Gajewski said that Amanda was going to be in hospital for one or two days then out of work for about four weeks and wouldn’t be able to do much for six weeks.  All of this was much, much more than we expected.  We thought she’d be in the hospital for maybe a day and be out maybe a week.  They originally scheduled Amanda’s surgery for Monday, but they were able to move it up to Wednesday, which is nuts.  It’s awesome, really, because it gives us all a lot less time to worry about things.

We had lunch on Anna at Quizno’s then Amanda and I went to the Medical Mall for pre-op stuff and blood drawing.  They took a little extra blood for a study on ovarian cancer that Amanda agreed to.  They’re giving us some money for it, but she agreed to it before they told her that anyway.  She figured if they were already taking blood out of her, a little more wouldn’t hurt too bad if it was helping someone else.

I dropped Amanda back off at work and got about an hour and a half of work in myself.  She left work at 4:00 and we went to Cape Fear Hospital for a bit more poking and prodding that was scheduled earlier in the day.  She got another exam and ultrasound, which she’s not fond of.

I got a couple phone calls and responses to an expanded e-mail list I had created earlier in the day to keep people up to date on Amanda’s situation.  Polly Clawson made us dinner, so we stopped by her house to pick it up then went home and caught up a little on TV stuff.

The NCAA championship game came on but Amanda was tired and went to bed.  I was tired too and struggled to stay awake.  It was a really good game.  It was pretty even the whole time; the team stats were almost identical.  Memphis ahead most of the time but the lead did change a number of times.  I actually fell asleep at the end and woke up afterwards, but there was enough on the DVR to rewind and watch it.  Kansas was down 9 with just over 2 minutes left, came back and tied with a few seconds left and won in OT.  I felt kinda bad for Memphis, who set NCAA record for wins in a season.

Zach Dotsey