Got to catch up on some work today.  Amanda gave me addresses for everyone from her work to add to the e-mail list to keep up on Amanda news.  Kristen Barriner and Polly Clawson started a list of people to sign up to make dinner for us while Amanda’s down and a lot of people signed up real quick.  I got a call from Wayne Harris at church, which was all touching.

Amanda came home and took it easy.  I picked up some Kool Aid Jell-O, water and juices for her.  She had to take a laxative and not eat any more solids after 6:00.  Laxative hurt her stomach for a while, but finally worked on and off through the night, which made her pretty miserable.  She caught up on some TV and we watched American Idol.  Tonight they were doing inspirational songs; Jason Castro was our favorite and Kristy Lee Cook actually did pretty well.  Amanda stayed up a little later than usual to make sure everything was out as much as possible and probably from nerves as much as anything else.

I played some Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 and stunk at both.

Zach Dotsey