I thought about staying up a little last night, but I was really tired so I went on to bed.  It seemed like no time at all when the 2:30 alarm went off.  Harvey came downstairs so I let him outside.  Bruce had stayed on the couch and after I let Harvey out and took Amanda some juice and a Percocet her followed me into the guest room and wanted to get on the bed to see Amanda.  I lifted him up to see her but I didn’t put him on the bed, afraid he’d jump on her stomach.

Amanda was very happy yesterday when we were able to ease Bruce onto a pillow she’d lain across her stomach.  He sat there very nicely for a while.

Anyway, Amanda wanted to go to the bathroom but didn’t have the strength to get up.  She’s been doing a really good job of not letting me and Karen help her more than needed, but she just couldn’t get up right then.

I woke up again at 6:30, got her medicine and this time she got up to go to the bathroom.  She decided to move on into the living room at that point, so we took some time situating her and what not.  She put the TV on TBS, which was showing Spider-man and was followed by The Fellowship of the Ring.  I fed the dogs and dozed off and on on the couch until Harvey started whining too much.  I put him outside until he started jumping on the door too much.  I let him in after that and didn’t bother going back to sleep.  I needed to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t jump up on Amanda’s couch.  He’s big and clumsy sometimes and doesn’t realize when he’s just bowling over you.

Amanda and I showered, which consisted of her sitting in the chair Anna brought her and me standing behind her, helping out as needed.  To make matters worse for Amanda, her lady time started this morning, so she gets to go through that while recovering from an invasive abdominal surgery.

From time to time we get a bag in the mail from Old Navy which gives you the special superpower to deduct 20% from the price of anything you can stuff into it during certain days.  Amanda was looking forward to using it, but obviously she wasn’t going to be able to.  Karen took it, though, and got Amanda a bunch of shirts and bottoms.  She did a really good job of getting things that really looked like what Amanda would wear.

Amanda sicked twice today.  Anna and Barry came by and noticed what she was drinking and told her it was probably because of the Coke Zero and the juices. Amanda had been given those things in the hospital and nobody told her she couldn’t have them, but the Frazelles have been in and out of hospitals so much that we listened to their advice.  They went out and got Amanda a bunch of different kids of Gatorades, which should be good for her.  So far so good.

I spent a big chunk of the day playing Stronghold 2.

Elliot and Melissa came by with an oven pizza from Sam’s or Costco, I forget which one.  It was actually really good!

Amanda is getting up better and moving faster but was rather nauseous towards the end of the day.  Karen suggested that she get up and walk more.

Zach Dotsey