Heard the dogs and got up at 4:11.  Amanda wanted to go to bathroom- took the poor thing 10 minutes to get up.

Up again a little before alarm went off- took and gave Amanda shower then went to church.  Met Mike’s Boscaljon’s parents, who were visiting for the week.

Came back, Amanda got up and walked around backyard, sat out there until pollen bugged us.  What happened to rain?  It was supposed to rain a bunch all weekend, which would have washed away the pollen.  It’s also the reason I didn’t mow the yard.

Karen went out for lunch with Michael, also took him grocery shopping and such.

Amanda tried to go several times but nothing happened.

Charity came by with her kids with BBQ for dinner for us from Smithfield.  Her boy got a little too close to Bruce before Bruce was comfortable and got his nose snapped at.  He just laughed it off, but Amanda and I were upset at Bruce.

Michael came by for laundry and basketball.  Karen gone for a while to get thermometer, basketball continued after dark.

We watched Father of the Bride, I guess just because it was on.  I felt snacky a lot tonight.  Michael left.

Amanda dozed, Karen and I watched John Adams.  I asked her politely as I could to not talk history during it because Karen likes history and Karen likes to talk, but I like the show and I wanted to enjoy it.

Zach Dotsey