One of the things Amanda’s been looking forward to is a number two. Yesterday there were a number of times she thought one was coming, but it never did. I took her across the hall to the bathroom this morning around 4:00 and it finally happened! Then she had another one around 8:30 when I got up and we were about to shower.

It was back to work for me today, although it was intermittent with helping out Amanda. I went to the grocery store and picked up some grits for her for breakfast. I went ahead and took the recycling too, since it hadn’t been taken in quite a while.
Amanda’s been experiencing some nausea since she got back, and on Saturday night we left a message with Dr. Gajewski’s office about it. We knew he was going to be out this week, but we never heard anything back the next day so we called back this morning and when we got a call back they prescribed some medicine. I went to go pick it up after a few minutes but they hadn’t filled it yet so I had to hang around for a few minutes. I walked around a little and noticed that the Rite Aid has a whole little section of products you see on TV, complete with the “As seen on TV” tags on them. A couple of them were things I’d even thought would be useful. It just struck me as odd to have a whole section of “As seen on TV” items.

I got back and went back to work. The Frazelle ladies all stopped by to see Amanda. Since she was feeling bad earlier they almost didn’t, but she felt a lot better pretty quickly after taking the nausea medicine. Karen’s friend Susan stopped by as well and brought along some flowers. She was in town to visit her son. I missed most of the visit as I was on the phone with a prospective client, which, if he turns into a client, is just fine.

Karen picked up chicken for dinner. Michael came by but had forgotten to get a bone that Karen had bought for Harvey yesterday when they went to the grocery store.  Amanda and Karen said something about remembering to bring it and how part of the reason they got it was so that Harvey would continue to be distracted from trying to jump up on Amanda, although he’s been pretty good about it.  After a minute, exasperated, he went back to his apartment to go get it.  When he got back he and I played basketball.  I won two out of four or five games of HORSE.  I was doing really good in a game of 21, but Michael, once again, knocked me out of it with a one-handed putback.  I had 19.  I did beat him at Foul, which is sort of a new game where you can foul the person who has the ball.  I was up six or eight to nothing when we stopped so he could go to small group.
After dinner Amanda, Karen and I watched The Soup, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Karen had never seen any of them. During the shows Amanda got tired of sitting in the same position for the last few days so we moved her to the other couch, which didn’t work out too well so we moved her back.  Then she wanted to walk around a bit.Amanda got some more flowers from Aunt Robbie and Linda today, and she got several more cards too.

Zach Dotsey