Last night was the worst night since Amanda’s been back.  For me anyway.  She had a hard time sleeping and kept waking me up.

Picked up new nausea medicine first thing, but Amanda didn’t use it.  Pharmacy girl is starting to recognize me, I’ve been in there so much.

I got a lot of work done.  Karen finished laundry and did some more cleaning, Peggy and Earl came by and we all ate BBQ.  They all left.

Played basketball with Michael, beat him twice at HORSE, one of two times at 21, then he beat me one-on-one 20-10.  I just wanted double digits.

Small group came by sans Elliot and Melissa and the new couple.  Mostly a social night.  Kristen had dropped off dinner in the morning.

Watched My Name is Earl from two weeks ago.  Kristy Lee Cook got voted off American Idol.  Watched Ghost Hunters with one of the best EVPs ever.

Zach Dotsey