Had a meeting with a new client around 10:00.  It was mostly to pick up a CD but we ended up talking about other things the company does and she showed me a bit more in depth what needs to be done with the project.  After the meeting I picked up a few things for Amanda from Lowe’s Food then did a bunch of work for most of the day.

Jason called and I talked to him for a bit.  I usually talk quite a bit with Jason, but things have been a bit hectic lately of course.  We covered our usual themes: TV, movies, comics and random tidbits.

Kristen brought dinner from Hardee’s tonight.  I was on the phone closing a deal when she came so I didn’t see her, but she got chicken for Amanda and a Thickburger for me.  Those things are terrible for you but they’re oh so yummy.

Amanda’s doing really well.  She’s getting up by herself better, walking around a lot, getting and doing things for herself.  She’s been going a bit stir crazy so she spent some time outside sitting on the patio and reading a People magazine.

We caught up on some DVR stuff last night and tonight- particularly My Name is Earl and 30 Rock.  I think Earl isn’t as good as it used to be, but 30 Rock is really just awesome.  Alec Baldwin, I don’t know what to say about him.  We also watched Saturday Night Live from last week, which featured Ashton Kutcher.  It was a pretty good episode.

After all the TV we decided to watch some movies, so we checked out what was on HBO On Demand.  We decided to watch Blades of Glory which wasn’t great by any means, but it was better than I expected.  Then we watched For Your Consideration.  Well, Amanda watched it and I glanced up at it from time to time.  I was playing Stronghold 2 for most of the time.

I’ve been meaning to mention this one thing.  A few days ago our Time Warner Cable box updated itself.  I guess they’re using new software to control the guide and all that.  It looks nice, but there are several things Amanda and I really don’t like about it.  There is one less fast forward speed, and when you hit play from fast forwarding or rewinding it backs up pretty far from where you want it to be.  It did this before, but it wasn’t nearly as bad about how far it backed up.  Another annoyance is that when you pause the screen, the player controls at the bottom of the screen don’t go away.  At the end of every episode of Big Bang Theory there’s a long blurb written by Chuck Lorre that’s pretty entertaining to read.  It’s only on the screen for a few seconds though, so you have to pause it to read it, which we’ve taken to doing each episode.  Now though, we can’t read the bottom of it because the stupid on-screen control display won’t go away.

The biggest irritation to me, by far though, has to do with the favorites.  You can select whatever channels you want to be designated as favorites and then hit the corresponding button on the remote in order to skip directly to that channel.  If you had the channel guide up you could hit the favorite button and it would show that channel in the guide, which was useful for seeing what was on channels without actually switching to them.  The other nice thing is that you could see what was on on channels around the favorite channel.  That way I could go to one HBO and see what’s on several of them.  Or I could go to one network station and see what’s on most of the rest of them.  But now when you hit the button when in the guide it automatically switches channels.  It would be a pain to add all the channels I want to check to the favorites (to many to cycle through) so I wish they’d just go back to how it was.

Zach Dotsey