We weren’t completely sure what to do last night in regards to where the dogs should sleep.  Usually Bruce and Harvey sleep in the bed with us, but Harvey in particular isn’t always very mindful of where he’s stepping, so we didn’t want him sleeping in the bed with Amanda.  Same for Bruce, but to a lesser degree.  Bruce is fine sleeping wherever, but Harvey still chews things sometimes, so we didn’t want to leave him out.  When Karen was staying with us she was sleeping upstairs in our bed and the dogs slept with her.  (Amanda and I are staying in the guest room since it’s downstairs and easier for her to get to.)  We also knew that if we put Harvey in his crate he’d fuss all night long, so we went out on a limb and just let him do as he pleased.

On most nights I stay up later than Amanda.  I’ll turn the TV off which Harvey has learned means it’s time for him to go outside and pee, after which he’ll usually go upstairs and jump in bed.  To my surprise that’s exactly what happened last night.  Even though nobody was up there, he went up and laid down on the bed and stayed up there all night except for when he came down to go outside to use the bathroom.  We heard him coming down the steps so I was able to let him out, and when he came back in he went right back upstairs again.

I looked around and didn’t see anything messed up.

Today was the first day Amanda and I have had pretty much alone in a while. I mentioned that to Scott when he asked how Amanda is doing, and he said that must be nice. I told him I wouldn’t be able to really enjoy that for another few weeks (which is really starting to frustrate me) and told him all the things Karen was doing for us. He told me I was really lucky and wished his mother-in-law would do all that when she came to visit.

Work kept me pretty busy today. Amanda took some time to go sit outside in the sun and read a magazine. She’s going stir crazy. She also did some knitting. She mentioned at one point that the ball of yarn in her lap was about the size of our dear Cysty. She’s definitely gotten smaller.

Mike and Allison brought dinner to us tonight. Baked spaghetti, French bread and a Chocolate Stampede from Longhorn. Mike beat me at HORSE (and was nice enough to extend it to HORSE CRAP) but to my credit, he’s much taller and used to play league basketball when he was younger.

They stuck around and had dinner with us and watched a little TV. Amanda went to bed around 11:00, after which I tried to download some new Halo 3 maps, but I couldn’t connect to Xbox Live. After unplugging the router several times and restarting the Xbox a few times, I finally tried turning off the surround sound system. Turned out the wireless speakers were interfering with the wireless internet signal. I don’t know why it happened all of the sudden. I think it’s happened before, but it only interferes intermittently. Anyway, I had to play Halo 3 without the surround sound. Michael and I played the new maps for a bit, but then Ross got on and he didn’t have the new maps. He’s fun to play with so we just played without.

Zach Dotsey