Amanda told me last night before going to sleep that she wanted me to help her with a shower before I went to church.  I woke up at 8:00 and was very tired, so I figured I’d go to the 10:30 service.  I got up in time to get ready for it, but Amanda was still asleep, and I figured if she was still asleep then she really needed it, and I didn’t want to leave her without having helped her get ready or anything so I didn’t go.  She finally did get up around 10:30 or so.

We got ready and went out to do some running around.  We stopped by Dunkin Donuts first because Amanda wanted an ice coffee.  We ate bagels and I had a doughnut then we headed off to the mall, which was the main reason we went out anyway.  Amanda was out of Proactiv body wash, so we got that.  Then Amanda noticed that the Wilson’s Leather store was having a going out of business sale.  Everything was marked way down so she got a purse, which I said could be my gift to her for the whole ordeal she’s been through.

Amanda continues to do better and better.  Her appetite is getting healthier.  Having slimmed down has her motivated, and she wants to make sure now that she keeps like she is, so she’s going to ask Dr. Gajewski when she can start getting on the elliptical machine and use the exercise ball on Thursday when we meet with him.  I’ve got some other questions I want to ask about when she can do some other things.

Amanda had mentioned something about some chairs at Pier 1 so we stopped by the one across from the mall on the way out.  We looked at a few, but after I told Amanda we didn’t need to buy any right now she lost interest.  Maybe, I told her, in a few weeks.

We went on back home after that and called Michael and Adam to see if they wanted to go to Nick and Amy’s tonight.  Michael had plans to watch basketball games pretty much all day and Adam, after talking it over with Renee, decided they’d feel odd going to someone’s house they haven’t met before.  I called him back after talking to Nick to say we could do it at our place, but I never heard back from him.

Don and Laurel had stopped by while we were out and left a chicken pot pie from Nofo.  We heated it up about an hour before we left for the Warkenteins’.  It turns out that they live maybe just over five minutes from us and we got to their house at about 6:30.  We ate then played Settlers of Catan.  Amy won the first game, then for the second one we decided to play the expanded set, which gave us all a little more room to expand and play.  I won that one, then Nick decided to play to twelve points (instead of ten) and won that.  So I won, but he secondarily won.

I suppose we’ll end up buying that game for ourselves at some point.

Zach Dotsey