I was a bit grumpy this morning.

Amanda’s doing well. She didn’t need me for much today and even stood for most of her time in the shower. She only needed the shower chair to shave her legs. We also took a walk to the end of the cul de sac. It’s not that far, but it was a good thing.

Laura, Amanda’s boss, came by to drop off a laptop so she can do a little work from home. I didn’t see her much as I was finishing up work when she came by.

For dinner we chopped up some potatoes that were growing eyes and mashed them up. I took a stroll to the grocery store to pick up some milk and some Baked Cheetos (at Amanda’s request). We had that with some leftover chicken and watched the last episode John Adams. What a downer episode. His daughter died of cancer, his wife died, which I thought was very sad, his friend Thomas Jefferson died and he died. Everyone died. I guess that’s what happens in life though. On the plus side, it showed a few virtues of getting old, given that when you get old you still have a good mind.

I did think the scene where Abigail Adams died was very sad. They did a good job throughout the series showing how much they loved and respected each other. When she died he kept saying, “My friend, my friend.”

Hail in Wilmington, NC | Zach DotseyWhile John Adams was on two other things happened. There was thunder and lightning and some rain, but then we got some nickel-sized hail. It came down a lot and hard, although I don’t think anything got messed up besides the yard getting banged up some. I can’t remember the last time I saw hail, but I thought back to the first time I did. It was when I was little and living in Kentucky and Mom saw it was hailing so she got an umbrella and took me and Erin out to check it out.

I recounted that to my dad, who called not long after I’d unpaused John Adams from checking out the hail. He’s heading down to Florida on Wednesday to hang out with some of his high school friends. He told me that he had actually gone down to Florida with Jim Shaw, his friend who lives down there, shortly after graduating high school and stayed down there for two months. His trip back to Kentucky was his first trip on an airplane.

I also asked him about something. I talked to my brother, Adam, a few days ago. He said he had talked to our sister, Erin, the other day and she had told him he needed to talk to Andra. We all kinda figured what that means, and my dad said we were right. Even though it’s obvious what I’m talking about I won’t come out and say it yet, since Andra hasn’t mentioned it to everyone. I’m guessing that’s because she hasn’t had much luck the last couple times.

On another note, I was talking to my friend Matt Davis about a business-to-business partnership and he sent me this video (which may or may not show up with the software I’m using):

Congrats, guys!

After John Adams we watched Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. On HIMYM they showed another Robin Sparkles video, Sandcastles in the Sand. It was no Let’s Go to the Mall. They teased Barney and Robin hooking up, then played it off as a tease, then, as I predicted, had them hook up. I thought a while back they’d make a decent couple.

After that Amanda watched One Tree Hill and we’re now watching CSI: Miami, or at least she is. I’m mostly farting around on this computer. I may play some Xbox with Michael after we’re done watching this, depending on how tired I am when she decides to go to sleep.

Zach Dotsey