I played a bit of Halo 3 last night and didn’t do very well, by and large.  I’ve decided that once you hit 30 you can’t do well at first-person shooters anymore, at least not when playing against real, live people.

Bruce slept in the bed with us last night, which is a first since Amanda’s surgery. 

Amanda Dotsey's Home Office | Zach Dotsey Amanda didn’t take any pain medication today or yesterday and only took an Alieve I think.  I helped Amanda set up her home office in the kitchen and she worked for about four hours.  Couple that with the fact that she’s doing a lot more for herself lately, I got quite a bit done at work today.  I’d thought before that Amanda staying home might bother my own work schedule, but if she worked too I don’t think it would be too bad.  I don’t think there’s any chance of her continuing to work from home after a week or two, but it really wouldn’t be bad, especially with gas around $3.50 a gallon right now.

Yup, things are close to getting back to normal.  She even dud just about everything in the shower by herself today.  The only things she seems to really need my help with are sitting up in bed, moving things over a few pounds and anything involving bending over.

I think work went well today.  It was busy, but I was able to do a lot of support stuff and make some headway on a number of sales items.

After work Amanda and I went by McAllister’s and picked up some cheese soup or something. We stopped by PetCo to pick up some dog food, but they didn’t have the type of Pedigree that we feed our boys, which was odd.  They did have a number of Duke shirts, leashes, collars and bandanas for dogs though.  They were all football-styled though.  I mean, you’d think they’d have had some basketball stuff for Duke during basketball season, right?

We watched a bit of TV.  American Idol was doing Andrew Lloyd Webber tonight.  My favorites were Jason Castro and David Cook, but I think the bottom three will be Jason, Brooke and Sayesha.  I haven’t been too impressed with Sayesha, but she did good tonight and she looked great.  David Archuleta sang Amanda’s favorite song from Phantom of the Opera, Think of Me.  She felt about like I did when he sang Imagine.  He added some sort of pop sound to it and she didn’t like it.

We also watched ReaperReaper is a decent show and it’s gotten to the point where it moved a little beyond the point where it just goes with its gimmick.  I think a lot of shows are doing this now, where the continuity only loosely matters for a while, then when they see that they’ll be around for a while they build something up.  In the last couple episodes they had these demons who wanted to get rid of the Devil.  The showdown came towards the end of the show and the Devil ended up collapsing a building on the rebels.  I thought it would have been cool if they did something a bit darker, really showed what a mean SOB he can be.  Ah well.

After watching Reaper we played Scrabble.  I got to go first and my first five letters were GRIND.  I thought, "Man, what if my next letters are E and R."  They weren’t though, they were an E and a blank.  Ha!  So I started off with 70 points.  I was pretty comfortable with that lead, but then Amanda had some really good goes and came back on me, even taking the lead.  I ended up winning by a pretty healthy margin though.

Zachh Dotsey