Work was pretty busy for the first part of the day, but at 2:00 I took Amanda to see Dr. Gajewski.  When we got to the hospital Amanda was asked who were were to see.  Amanda tried to say his name and couldn’t remember it.  I said his name, which is pronounced guy-ow-ski.  He said something about spelling it so I spelled it for him and when he checked my spelling he was impressed.  It’s not that hard: Ga, Jew, Ski. 

Originally we were scheduled to be there at 2:15 but yesterday morning that called and bumped us to 2:00.  We got there real early and still weren’t seen until probably 2:30.

The exam went well though.  Amanda had prepared some questions last night.  The answer to just about everything was "not until six weeks."  That includes my main question.  May 14th.  May 14th.  Fortunately for Amanda there was no poking or prodding for this exam.  She was weighed and it turns out that she’s down to 102 pounds, which is what I weighted in eighth grade.

Amanda had to drop some stuff of at work, so we swung by there since we were in the vicinity.  Well, she didn’t actually have to drop it off- she’s been delivering things via Mary, a coworker who lives on the street behind us, but she wanted to stop by and see everyone, so we hung out there for a few minutes until she could say hi to everyone who was there.

On the way back home we discussed how we’d like to play Settlers of Catan so we stopped by Wal-Mart to see if they had it.  They didn’t.  We got home and I worked on work while Amanda called around.  None of the game places, Toys R Us or Target had it either.  So we decided to make our own.  After I finished up with work we went to AC Moore, a craft shop, to buy things for it.  We got different colors of foam board to make the hexagon tiles, wood chips for the ports and the values, a miniature bear thing for the robber, little wood pieces for settlements and cities and pipe cleaner for the roads.  We couldn’t find any dice so we used two from our Risk game and for all the cards we used some business card paper and software we already had.  Amanda drew sketches for each of the resources and I scanned them in, colored them in Photoshop and printed them up on the cards. 

Settlers of Catan costs $40 for the basic game plus another $30 to be able to play with up to six players.  Dotseys of Catan, expansion included, cost us $17.  Pretty awesome.  We would have been willing to pay for it but we wanted to play it tonight and there wasn’t any way for us to do that.

Michael came by as we were finishing everything up and helped us punch out all the cards.  I still have to do a couple cards, but we hand wrote those for now.  Michael grumbled about the game until he got the hang of it.  I won.

While Michael was here he watched some NBA playoff games.  The DVR continued to do funky things so we missed Smallville and Supernatural.  The problem is that we had always set shows to record at whatever time a new episode was coming on, but ever since it upgraded itself it only recorded shows at the time they were originally coming on.  We have really not been happy with the DVR upgrade.

Zach Dotsey