Work was busy this morning.  There wasn’t a lot to do, per se, but there were a lot of phone calls and follow ups to do.  I spent probably two hours on conference calls alone, which is a bit more than usual.

While Scott and I were on hold during one conference call he mentioned what a nice day it was.  Amanda had mentioned she’d like to try to get out to the beach so I mentioned that if possible we were going to try to get off a little early and go to the beach.  Around 3:30 I had pretty much finished everything up and I told Scott that unless he had something he needed me to do that Amanda and I were going to head on out to the beach.  He told me to have fun, and I told him that he was okay for a boss.

We parked, as we always do, at Anna and Barry Frazelle’s and they went out on the beach with us.  It was nice out, except the wind was pretty cold.  We walked to the jetty and back then sat on a bench and talked for a bit.

In non-personal Frazelle news, Christian, Hannah’s boyfriend, will not be going off to Australia to study music afterall.  I think Anna said he’s going to go to Cape Fear Community College for a bit then transfer to UNCW for business.  Also, Hannah is going to get an apartment with her friend, Maddie.

We stopped by Old Navy for Amanda to exchange a few items of clothing that her mom had bought.  She had an issue with the exchange in that the clothes had been bought at 20% off and they weren’t going to either give her the discount for the things she was buying or they were going to only give her credit for the discounted price of the clothes in exchange.  Amanda talked to a manager and they made good for her.

Adam and Renee brought hungry boy casserole, which was really good, and the four of us played our homemade version of Settlers of Catan.  Amanda won first game, Adam the second.

Amy and Ben Farmer came by to stay the night after a wedding rehearsal.

Zach Dotsey