We stayed up a little and talked to Amy and Ben last night.  Ben and I were both falling asleep while the girls did most of the talking. 

This morning everyone got up and we took Amy to the salon where she was to spend her whole day before the wedding.  After that we went to breakfast with Ben at Sweet & Savory.  I had the Wrightsville Beach Toast.

We all went back to the house then met Mike and Kaitlyn at the Wrightsville Beach park to go to Wrightsville Beach itself.  For some reason they didn’t leave until we had already gotten to the park.  Us guys played Bocce and Ben did really well.  I didn’t do too well until later, but Ben certainly dominated me and Mike.  Mike and I jumped in the water, but I didn’t stay in long because it was too cold.  Every time a wave hit my chest it forced me to take shallow breaths.  Ben got in as I was getting out.  Other than that we all laid out and Amanda, Ben and I took a walk to the jetty.  We were out there from about 12:30 to 2:30.

Back at the house Ben and I played a little HORSE (I won) until he had to go take a shower to get ready for the wedding.  After he left Amanda took her first solo shower since her surgery and she did just fine.  She also was able to finally clip her toenails.  She’d been trying to get me to do it since she couldn’t bend quite right for it, but I just don’t feel comfortable clipping toenails.  I mean, she’s got cute feet and all, I just don’t feel comfortable clipping toenails.

Every time I think of Amanda having cite feet I think of Frank Lowery.  He worked with me and when I pointed out Amanda as the girl I was going out with that night, he said, "She got pretty toes."

Amanda and I went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshal tonight with Cyra and John.  It was a good movie, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at Jason Segel the same again when watching How I Met Your Mother.  I mean, he wrote a lot of schlong showing into that movie.  John and I decided after the movie that the weiner to breast ratio was really not favorable.  Either way, it kinda makes me want to move to Hawaii.

In sports news, Danny Green has decided to test the NBA waters.  This came as a surprise to a lot of Carolina fans.  Apparently Roy Williams had no real forewarning. 

Bigger news, as a Duke fan, is that Johnny Dawkins, long time assistant coach of the Duke Blue Devils, will be taking a head coaching position at Stanford.  I saw yesterday that he was a candidate for it, but the news seemed to come rather suddenly to me.  I wish him luck of course, but hate to see him go.  Hopefully Duke can slide the coaches around a little and get a big man as a big man coach now.  There’s a lot of talk about who the new person on the coaching staff will be.  And will Dawkins take anyone with him?

The biggest upside to this is that it will give Johnny Dawkins enough head coaching experience that, should he do well, he might be able to effectively replace Coach K whenever he decides to retire.  It’s always been thought that Dawkins would take over from Coach K, but the worry was how much experience he’d have as a head coach.  This is like trimming a bush to help it grow more, as I see it.

Zach Dotsey