Happy birthday, Mom!

The dogs were terrible last night, particularly Harvey.  There was just all sorts of moving around and getting up and such.

Amanda and I figured yesterday that since we both missed church last week we’d go check out the Mayfaire service for the first time this week.  The Mayfaire services are a week behind the regular services and since the series titled Pursuit ended last week the Roland-Greis service was supposed to be a transition service this week, so we won’t get off track really.  I woke up before 8:00 and asked Amanda if she wanted to go to the 8:15, but she didn’t so we went to the 9:45.

It was cool going to Mayfaire, although I think we both preferred going to the regular services.  The seats were certainly more comfortable.

After church we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some groceries and such.  Amanda wanted to get a casserole dish with a heating/cooling bag and we’d gotten a $75 gift card for the ovarian cancer study she donated some blood for the day before her surgery.  After that we headed over to Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s for brunch with them and Blake and Stephanie Konny.

We all got a little sunburned yesterday.  Mike and Kaitlyn hadn’t put on any suntan lotion, but I think they’ll learn that lesson pretty quickly.  Mike wasn’t too bad, but Kaitlyn’s legs were very red.  My back was burned and Amanda had an odd burn pattern, but at least we’d put on some lotion.

Amanda made some potato casserole and there were also eggs, fruit and pancakes.  We all sat around and chatted for a while. Blake and Stephanie are thinking of buying a house.

After we did that Amanda and I swung by Circuit City to pick up some extra Wii classic controllers for Michael.  He had gotten MarioKart for the Wii last night and wanted extra controllers for people to play. 

We went home and let the dogs roam around for a bit and printed up all the cards for our homemade Settlers of Catan that we hadn’t printed up yet.  After that we went over to Michael’s.  he paid us for the controllers and we all played some MarioKart, which was pretty fun.  They had some of the classic tracks in there.  Amanda fixed some spaghetti while Michael and I played MarioKart and Smash Brothers.  We all then ate then played Settlers.  Amanda won.

Zach Dotsey