Amanda got to sleep on her side for the first time last night, which she really liked.  Previously she said she was much more aware of what all is "inside" there and thought she could feel it all shifting when she would turn over, although she admitted it might have been in her head.  But she was able to sleep on her side so she enjoyed sleeping better last night.

Amanda went back to work today at 10:00.  I almost understand some of those people who secretly keep people they’re caring for sick.  Not that I’d ever do that of course, but I feel almost like an afterthought.  It’s great that Amanda is getting better, and I wouldn’t wish otherwise.  I guess you just get used to feeling useful and needed, then when you’re not it’s like you’re coming down off of something.

I think I forgot to mention it yesterday, but Amanda drove to church yesterday.  We wanted to make sure she was comfortable driving before she took any half days or anything.

I always thought it would be annoying to have Amanda around the house all day, like if she didn’t have to work or worked from home, but I missed her today, actually.

Harvey hurt me twice today.  The first time was this morning when I was letting him inside to feed him.  He ran in when I cracked the door open and headbutted his skull against my patella in his exuberance to get back to his crate and receive his tribute of food.  The second time was this afternoon when he stopped on my junk.  It hurt so bad that I reflexively pulled one hand back in a fist and was about to punch him.  Accidents of course, but man did they both hurt.  The knee’s still bugging me a little.

Work was very busy.  Lots of people needed stuff, and I tried to take care of everyone today.  I didn’t get everyone, but I got a lot done.

Michael told me sometime over the weekend what his birthday present for me was.  He’d ordered it off of eBay before my birthday, but it hadn’t come in.  He finally got up with the guy who was sending it and I guess it ended up going somewhere else or something.  He’d gotten me a basketball autographed by Mike Krzyzewski, which was really touching.  I wouldn’t think Michael would ever have done anything like that.  I certainly wouldn’t have bought an autographed basketball from a Carolina person.

Michael came by today and asked if I wanted to stand in line with him at midnight to get Grand Theft Auto IV tonight, which I didn’t until he showed me some videos and reviews and said he’d get it for me as my replacement birthday present.  After seeing all that I decided I’d go.  So much for beating all the games I have before getting another one.  But it is supposed to be the best game in like ten years or something.  And it’s got a multiplayer aspect to it that looks really fun.  That’s what I’ll be doing in less than an hour.

Amanda ended up working until about 4:00 although Laura told her not to push herself.  Amanda said she certainly couldn’t sit in her chair for eight hours yet, but I think she enjoyed getting out for a bit.  She had planned on just staying until about 3:00 in order to get a half day and have lunch with everyone there.  She stayed as long as she did because she wanted to finish what she was working on.  I’m like that too- if I’m working on something I hate to stop.

Michael and I played some HORSE (he won both games) and then went inside to play Settlers of Catan before he went off to small group at his apartment.  He won that too.  I did terrible- couldn’t get any resources it seemed.

Amanda and I watched some TV.  We really don’t like the new DVR software.

Big Duke recruiting rumor: earlier this week Miles Plumlee asked to be released from his commitment to Stanford since the coach who recruited him was leaving to go to LSU.  His brother, Mason Plumlee, had accepted a scholarship to Duke for the year after next.  Apparently Miles liked Duke when he went there with Mason and their family and the coaches were in Asheville this weekend recruiting him and he’s expected to accept.  This is great news because it gives Duke some more depth in the post, and he’s not supposed to be too shabby of a player either.

Of course, that sucks for Johnny Dawkins.  There’s still a lot of talk about who new names will be on the coaching staff.  A lot of people are expecting it to be Nate James, who was hired this last year as the strength and conditioning coach.

Zach Dotsey