Stood in line with Michael to get Grand Theft Auto IV last night then stayed up a while playing it with him.  It’s a really good game so far, of course, but the multiplayer setup seems pretty awkward if you’re bringing in a party.  And it doesn’t seem to even out the teams very well, or to let you even them out.

Busy busy day at work.

Amanda went in to work at 8:00 this morning.  She had lunch with her grandparents then they took her shopping, as many of her pants are a bit loose on her now, having lost both a tumor and a few pounds from her recovery diet.  She was pretty exhausted when she got home though.

We were fixing a Stouffer’s lasagna when Amanda remembered that Trish was bringing food tonight.  She remembered this because Trish walked up to the door with the food.  So we ate her tortellini and let the Stouffers cool off and put it back in the freezer.

American Idol was not very good tonight, no offense Neil Diamond.  Tonight each contestant got to do two songs, but nobody had two good songs.  Everybody went through the first set of songs before the judges did a speed critique, but Paula Abdul messed up.  She critiqued Jason Castro on both of his songs when he’d only done one.  Apparently the judges sometimes watch the practices so she already knew what she thought about his second song, but it was very awkward.  And the judges were fawning all over David Archuleta, especially his second song which, frankly, sounded dead.  They really seem to be pushing for him.  All that said, I think Jason Castro or Brooke White will go home tomorrow.

After Idol Amanda saw that a Saturday Night Live Best of Alec Baldwin was coming on so we watched that.  Two things struck me, watching that.  Alec Baldwin used to be really skinny and man is that guy versatile!

Zach Dotsey