Took Cobb to vet first thing this morning, just for a checkup.  Had another very busy day again today.

Amanda worked until 3, kidnapped Michael after picking up Cobb.  She just forgot to turn to take him home so he hung out for a while.  Cobb’s lost weight, I think it was about a pound, which is good for a cat.

Played a little basketball with Michael- HORSE then Charge, and Charge turned into Foul.  Charge is a game where one person drives to the basket and the other tried to take a charge.  In Foul you try to Foul the person taking a shot, ostensibly because you’re going for a block.  My ear got hit a couple times.

Small small group at McAllister’s.  Justin and Lisa got a flat tire on the way and it ended up just being us, the Van Zandts and the Boscaljons.

Brooke White was voted off American Idol.  When Jason Castro was announced as safe Amanda reacted as silly as the girls in the audience.

On last week’s Boston Legal, which I just watched tonight, Alan Shore went to the Supreme Court.  At the end of it Alan and Denny were having a cigar and a scotch as they always do and one of them mentioned that there wasn’t much more for them to do in their lives.  The other suggested that they should do Wednesday.  That was their sneaky little way of announcing that they were moving to Wednesdays.

Karen called Amanda tonight and told her that a girl at her school had a sixteen pound ovarian tumor!  Knowing that Amanda’s was only about two or three pounds and how big it was, I can’t imagine how big this girl’s must have been.  Then one of Karen’s friend’s daughters was riding in the car with Karen and her mom and they were talking about Amanda’s tumor.  The girl had noticed that her stomach hadn’t been as flat as it had been and went to get it checked out for the heck of it, and it turned out that she had one as large as Amanda’s!  I think what’s so cool about that (not that it’s cool to have a cyst on your ovary) is that it kind of gives a reason for Amanda having had hers, you know?  Maybe this girl wouldn’t have ever thought about getting it checked out and it would have become a major problem.

Ladies, let that be a lesson- make sure you make regular visits to the gynie doctor!

Zach Dotsey