Amanda wished me a happy anniversary first thing this morning.  Four years!

Work was still crazy busy.  I’m ready to get caught up!

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, put some money in our account as a gift and told us to go out to eat someplace nice, but Amanda was tired today after work.  I had planned to go someplace nice or fix food but we ended up eating the half-baked lasagna then I went out to get a chocolate creme pie for dessert.  Then we watched some TV.

We’d gotten an anniversary card from Baba and Pap, my grandparents, that said something about cuddling.  I thought it was funny because we couldn’t do a whole lot of cuddling with Amanda in her condition.

We got an invitation to Elliot Clark’s birthday party today.  We’d heard about it, but from other people who were going.  Melissa Nicholson, Elliot’s wife, realized today that we hadn’t responded, went back and figured out that she had copied all the addresses listed in an e-mail that I had sent out, and since our address wasn’t listed in the To: section, we weren’t on it.  So we got our invite today.

Michael Mercer, Amanda’s brother, works at a coffee shop downtown next to a place used in the TV show One Tree Hill.  He met Gavin Degraw today.  he does the theme song and apparently shows up on the show now and then.  Amanda likes his music.  Michael didn’t really know who he was and talked to him a bit.  He said he was a pretty cool guy.

Amanda’s got a high school reunion coming up.  She discussed with her friend Amy (Brower) Farmer that the plans for it were very expensive.  It’s not that we couldn’t afford it, but it’s more than we wanted to pay for it and probably more than people who aren’t doing too well or have to come in from out of town will want to pay.  We’ll see if anything gets changed.

So Amanda’s got this thing where she enjoys finding blackheads on my chin and jaw line.  For some reason I get a number of them from time to time.  I indulge he in letting her look for them while I try to find other ways to entertain myself.  Anyway, she found a huge won today.  Nasty, I know, but these are the kinds of things we apparently do on our anniversaries.

Zach  Dotsey