Breakfast at Atlanta Bread.

Beach with Mike and Kaitlyn, laid out and played Bocce.  Mike and I had gone back to Anna and Barry’s house to get something or other from the car and we went in to talk to them. Anna and Barry thought Mike, being 6’7" or so with blonde hair and talking funny, must have been from Sweden or something, which he’s not.  That didn’t stop them from introducing him to Maddie, Hannah’s friend who walked in, as Lars from Sweden.  She was like, "Wow, really?  Do you speak Swedish?"  Mike was on his toes and answered that he had moved when he was three so he didn’t really remember any of it.

Elliot Clark grilling on his birthday | Zach Dotsey Back home to clean up for a bit then, off to Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson’s for Elliot’s birthday party.  Stopped by mall to pick up Duke collar for their dog, Bernie, and shoes for Lorin’s birthday tomorrow.  Amanda got a pair too and we were off to Elliot’s party.  He had a pretty good turnout and we got to see some pictures of him when he was little.  We played with his godson for a little bit.  Poor Elliot and Melissa, they were two busy playing host to get to spend a lot of time with anyone.

We had planned to see Iron Man tonight at 9:30 with Adam, but we changed to 7:30 after the party (we’d gotten there at 4:00) because Mike and Kaitlyn plus Justin and Lisa were going to go and it was a more convenient time.  Unfortunately when I called Adam, he couldn’t go at that time.  Fortunately for Adam though the 7:30 show sold out a couple people in front of us and the next show (for some odd reason) was the 9:30 one, so he ended up being able to go with us again.  We all went ahead and bought tickets, with the exception of Amanda who was already feeling tired and was mixed on going to see it anyway.

We went home and Mike and Kaitlyn went to Justin and Lisa’s then we all met back up a little before 9:00.  I don’t think there’s much anyone could complain about with Iron Man.  It was funny, had good action, didn’t cheese up.  Robert Downey, Jr. was a great Tony Stark and I think it was really cool that they have a relatable superhero movie (as much as anyone can relate to a billionaire anyway) where the hero isn’t under thirty.  It was a nice dynamic, I think.

My friend Jason Revill, who reviews movies, told me to make sure I stuck around after the credits.  I won’t say anything, but it was worth it, as a fanboy.  I don’t know if it would have been nearly as exciting a thing to a non-fanboy, but I was a little giddy after the last scene.

Zach Dotseyr