Went to church this morning, where new series, Theophobia, was started.  The Fear of God.  Should be a good one.  The bump for it was an animation bit, very well done.

We stopped by Atlanta Bread and got it to go this morning.  I didn’t want anything and just had some Frosted Mini Wheats at home.

Lorin Van Zandt and Amanda Dotsey piled into the Van Zandt Xterra on the way to Wrightsville Beach | Zach DotseyWe met up with Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt, the Boscaljons and Dave Sapp at 11:00 at the Wrightsville Beach Park and rode over to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s together in the Van Zandts’ Xterra.  Us guys played Kub (which heretofore I’ve spelled Kube, though it’s pronounced koob) then Bocce.  Kub was me and Dave versus Mike and Kyle.  They won, and I think Dave won Bocce.  Poor me, I didn’t get to win anything!

While we were playing Kub a dog named Kale came over and started messing with the tennis balls we were using to mark the field.  He was a real sweet dog and finally we had to throw some balls for him, which he’d run off and retrieve for us.  Turned out he belonged to the Coast Guard and he’d gotten away to go out and meet people.  A beach patrol guy took him away.

We jumped in the water for a bit.  It was cold the first time and I didn’t stay in long, but after we (by we I mean all of us guys and Amanda) went for a walk a little past the jetty, we (this time I mean just all of us guys) got back in.  It was still cold, but it was much more bearable to me anyway.  We jumped some waves for a bit then me, Mike and Kyle went to get a couple surfboards.  On the way up Hannah and her friend Leah drove up and we once again introduced Mike as Lars from Sweden.

Mike Boscaljon's first surfing attempt at Wrightsville Beach, NC | Zach Dotsey Davey don't surf | Zach Dotsey So Mike got to try out surfing for the first time today.  There wasn’t much out there, but at least he got to try.  Kyle caught a wave or two and after Mike came in I went out and stood up, but the wave didn’t take me far.

We all drove back to the parking lot and took off for El Cerro Grande.  Amanda and I both changed in the car, but nobody was around us then.  She’s very talented, I must say, at changing her top without revealing anything.  Anyway, we went to El Cerro, as I was saying, to celebrate Lorin’s birthday.  Really that’s what the whole day of hanging out on the beach was for, but this was the capper I guess.  She really liked the shoes Amanda picked up for her yesterday.

Once we got home I took a nap.  Michael came over so he and Amanda could watch that horrible show Whittaker Bay.  I don’t think this episode was even half an hour.  After that we all played our homemade version of Settlers of Catan, which Amanda won right at 10:00, which was her preset bedtime as she’s working a full eight hours of work tomorrow.

When she went to bed I caught up on a couple episodes of Robin Hood.  As I keep saying, it’s really not that good of a show, but I like it anyway.

Zach Dotsey