So, some of the few faithful who read this little website of mine every now and then may be wondering why the heck I haven’t posted in like a week!  Well, I’ve been writing, but I’ve only been making notes.  I do that sometimes- save some notes then go back and flesh them out.  Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes I just end up pasting only the notes.  I think I’ll try to get some of those posted tonight.

Work today was like it has been- extremely busy.  And you know, I can’t tell you exactly why.  There’s just been a lot of stuff I guess.  Maintenance stuff, sales stuff to follow up on, a couple designs to do, lots of little support things.  I did knock out two design mockups today, which is progress.  And I got a few other little things done as well.  Maybe I’ll be caught up within a few days.  I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll be caught up then.

Yesterday I was thinking it was time to trim the ol’ beard up a little, so this morning I pulled out the clippers.  My smallest guard has been broken for a while, so I chucked that in the trash can so it would quit fooling me every time I pulled it out.  The next size up I figured was too big, so I set the clippers themselves on the longer setting and gave it a go.  So now I have some very heavy stubble.  Oddly, Amanda didn’t notice this evening that I didn’t have as much facial hair.  I didn’t mention it- figured I’d let her discover it on her own.  It is much softer now, so I don’t think she’d mind it as much like this.

I put my rings back on too today.  I have two rings I wear- my wedding band, of course, and another one that Amanda got me when we were engaged.  I called it my training ring, because I’d never worn a ring before.  It’s silver and has a scroll design similar to the wedding ring.  I’d taken them off on Saturday before we went to the beach in case I decided to go surfing.  Yesterday I’d notice that I was missing them now and then because I guess I have a habit of tapping them against things or pushing them against a ledge to push them back up my fingers or just twisting them now and then or just pulling on them with my thumb.  Today the first time I tried to fiddle and didn’t feel anything I decided to go upstairs and put them on before I forgot.  For a moment as I was walking back downstairs they felt funny, but now all is right in the world again.

This evening Amanda and I mostly just caught up on TV.  She watched Ellen, we watched Lost, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and House.

I’d finished off the cranberry grape juice earlier in the day and the Baked Cheetos last night, so I went to the store to get some of both of those.  I looked up and down the chips aisle for the Baked Cheetos but I just could not find them.  Finally as I was calling Amanda to see if she wanted anything else I saw them- two bags on the top shelf all the way back.  I stood on the lowest shelf (you know, like just above floor level) and tried to reach them, but I couldn’t get one.  I was a bit frustrated at first, but I’d be damned if I, a thirty-year-old man, was going to go find somebody and ask them to get me a bag of baked Cheetos because I’m to friggin short to reach them myself.

I ended up walking around to the other side of the aisle, and getting one from there.  I guess the bread shelves are shorter, plus the bags were leaning backwards a little bit.

Hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo!  Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays we’re supposed to celebrate.

Zach Dotsey