Not a whole lot to report today.  Work was pretty busy, and even though I’m not fully caught up yet I feel like things are starting to get more manageable.  I had a meeting with Matt and Melissa Davis today.  Normally I don’t name people I meet with, but since they’re friends too, I figure it’s okay.  We discussed a few ways to have the businesses mutually interact.

Other than that it was work, work, work until Amanda got home.  I played a little Grand Theft Auto IV while she watched some TV, then we caught up on CSI: Miami and watched American Idol.  Amanda fast forwarded through a few of the lab scenes of CSI: Miami, citing them as being ridiculous.  I guess she’s starting to tire of it too.  On American Idol they sang songs from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Jason Castro flubbed a line and I think he’ll be going home.  Sayesha is really hitting her stride.  The judges fawned all over David Archuleta and David Cook did so-so.  The sound was a little weird tonight, like the music wasn’t covered enough with microphones or something.

Getting back to CSI: Miami, one thing that bugs me is the computers they use.  They always work so fast and are so graphically intense.  And no matter how good a crook is, there’s always one specialized something that leads the team to a big clue, like a custom tire tread, or in this case, Wolf just happened to have remembered a bomber with a bomb signature just like the one used in tonight’s bank heist from when he was a patrol cop.

We also watched last week’s Law & Order: SVU which had Robin Williams in it as the bad guy.  He got away in the end, which I was glad of.

Harvey and Bruce are being a little annoying right now.  Well, it’s mostly Harvey.  Bruce was trying to nap under a blanket on the couch but Harvey kept antagonizing him.  It’s too late for them to be getting rowdy so I put them outside.  Oddly, once you put them outside with so much room to play they settle down.  Until you let them back inside of course.

So the title of the entry tonight: awesome, yeah?  My friend Joel Freeman sent an e-mail to me and Jason Revill today to let us know that The Old 97’s, one of my favorite bands, will be playing in downtown Raleigh for free on July 26.  How freaking’ awesome is that?  I forwarded the link to Amanda with the subject line O   M   G.  She called a couple minutes later and said she guessed she knew what we were doing July 26th.  That’s awesome.  Not only are they playing here in North Carolina, but it’s a free concert.  I already can’t wait!

As I was finishing this up Harvey was barking a bunch outside, which is generally okay in the daytime but not at almost 11:00 at night.  I opened the door and called him but he wouldn’t come in until I went back in, got some shoes, went back outside and started going towards him.  He’s just being obnoxious right now.

Zach Dotsey