Happy birthday Mike Boscaljon and Uncle Roy!

Got up and went to church.  Parents went to Starbucks and we were ready early so met them there.  Had a green tea latte for the first time and liked it.

Church was really good- great music and message.  Wish Mom and Dad had come because they were talking about doing things for the youth at St. Matthew’s.  Only saw Mike and Kaitlyn, who sat with us.

Met Mom and Dad at Atlanta bread.  Mike and Kaitlyn happened to walk in after us and we all ate together.  I think parents enjoyed talking to them.  Amanda spilled coffee on new dress from Anna.

Tire really low yesterday on the way to UNCW, low again after breakfast.  Really low.  It was raining hard and had to get to gas station.  Filled up tire and added Fix-a-Flat.  Got gas too, didn’t look at price.

Went home for a minute, picked up Michael and left to Beulaville.  Rain was terrible.  Heavy traffic so we got off at Hampstead and took 117 most of the way.  When we got off on the exit and were looked over from the overpass we couldn’t see the end of the traffic.  Got back on 40 for about five miles towards the end of our trip.

Lunch was nice.  Introduced Hannah and Kirsten to our Settlers of Catan.  I won.

We were first to try to leave, but the tire was low again.  Found a nail, pulled it out and plugged tire.  Earl had an air compressor and told us to drive across their nicely-grassed backyard to his shed.  We filled up the tire and Amanda spilled tea on the passenger seat and the new jacket from Michael.  We got stuck going back across the yard and put some nice divots in lawn.  Finally got out putting wooden boards under the tires.  Got a few miles down the road and tire was flat again so we pulled into a family hair salon and changed the tire.  A guy from next door, the brother of the lady whose salon we parked in, came by to check on us.  Her husband pulled up a few minutes later and came to talk to us too.  Amanda called Earl to tell him what was going on and he drove out despite her telling him not to.

The nuts were on the tire really hard and it took me and Michael pulling together to get a few of them off.  I noticed the wind’s direction coming from where black clouds were.  As we were tightening nuts on the spare tire I felt a rain drop.  When we got in car it started pouring and by the time we got out of the driveway/parking lot it was hailing.  Amanda later heard tornadoes had been sighted in northern New Hanover, Pender and Onslow counties, all around us.  Rain was bad for a bit but cleared up before we got home.

Michael missed second half of Lakers playoff game.  Chris Flowers was visiting Michael from Charlotte to see a show and got there way before us.  Michael gave Chris directions to Target because Chris wanted an air mattress, but Chris missed a turn.

Canceled on going to Mike’s birthday- just too worn out.  Talked to Bonnie and Dave for a little before watching The Soup and Supernatural.  Amanda went to bed, I watched Robin Hood.

Zach Dotsey