I got a call from Amy Warkentein this morning saying she and Nick were going out to Indochine for dinner to celebrate Nick’s birthday (happy birthday Nick!) and she invited us along.

Work today was back to being busy.  Afterwards I worked on uploading old pictures.  I’ve taken it upon myself to remove red eyes, fix some levels and now and then straighten some of these pictures, so it’s taking some time.

Nick and Amy picked us up little after 7:15 and we got to Indochine around 7:30.  There were ten people altogether, all the rest being from their small group.  It took us a while to get seated and Amanda and I were across a couple named Josh and Megan, so we talked to them quite a bit. 

I’d had curry once, for lunch at church one time when I was directing, and I wasn’t overly impressed with it.  I decided to try it again, and I actually liked it!  I can complain that ours was medium instead of mild, but despite leaving my lips and tongue tingling (I’m not a spicy food person) it was good.  Most couples ordered one single serving of different kinds of curry and we passed it around.

The atmosphere at Indochine is really cool too.  The back has a whole Asian garden thing going on and the interior is decorated the same.

When we got home we watched How I Met Your Mother, in which Barney accidentally becomes engaged to Britney Spears.  We were both tired.

There have been a lot of terrible disasters lately it seems.  About 10,000 people were killed in an earthquake in China today and a little over a week ago cyclones in Myanmar (formerly Burma) killed over 30,000 people with about the same number unaccounted for.  It’s hard to imagine that much death.

Zach Dotsey