The Old 97’s new CD, Blame it on Gravity, came out today.  I made sure to pick it up while I was out.

Work was pretty busy.  Scott and I had a conference call with a prospective client who wants quite a bit done.  Scott said afterwards that it sounded like a fun project, and the client had a good idea of what he wanted too, which always helps.  I had an afternoon meeting too, with another big client, although this was an existing one.  We had redesigned their site and completely redone the code.  It’s sort of in beta mode right now, but it’s really close to finished.  Scott wanted me to go there and show them some things personally because it would be easier than doing it over the phone.

The funny thing about this meeting is that they’re one of, if not the, oldest clients we have but as much as I’ve talked to them I’d never met them.  My brother, Adam, had in fact met them because a few months ago they asked if we had someone we could suggest for doing some tech support.  Anyway, it was cool to finally have a face-to-face.  I was told that it was thought I’d have bleached blonde hair, and not curly, because of two things.  One was that I’d apparently mentioned surfing one time and the other is that everyone else they’d met who worked with us had blonde hair.

As a bonus I got to walk around downtown on a nice day for a little bit.  I always say this, but I love downtown Wilmington.

In between all that I had lunch at J. Michael’s Deli with Amanda and Allison and Billy, two of her co-workers.

Michael came by right around 5:00 and we played some basketball.  I think we both won a game of HORSE then he beat me at 21.  More than once I think.  After that he and I walked to the grocery store to pick up some milk because Amanda wanted cereal for dinner.  She’s not able to lift heavy things yet, or at least it’s been suggested that she does not.  She did stop by PetSmart on the way home to get some dog food, but she had someone carry the food out to the car for her.

She also stopped by the Volkswagen place to discuss tires with them.  We’re getting four new tires plus all that goes with that, which will take up more than half of our economic stimulus thing.  So much for getting a (PlayStation3) Blu-Ray player for our anniversary, or getting the lens I wanted for my camera for my birthday.  Or getting our lawn fixed up all nice.  Or any number of other things we could have done with all that.

I was all sweaty so after Michael left we took a shower then watched American Idol.  I think David Cook was the only one who was consistently good out of the three finalists, so I expect it will be the two Davids.  Not really going out on a limb with that prediction.

After Idol we watched this past week’s Saturday Night Live, which was decent.  After that Amanda went to bed and I played some Grand Theft Auto IV.

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