I played some Grand Theft Auto IV before going to bed the past few nights, and both nights little Bruce was sitting in the papasan with me.  I hated to pick him up and make him get uncomfortable, so I’d just lie there with him for a while and doze off for a few minutes.  It was nice.  I don’t think he gets quite the attention he used to before we got Harvey, but I still love that little Chihuahua so ridiculously much.

Work work work today.  After work Amanda came by the house and we immediately went back out to pick up the Jetta.  On the way back I picked up some Chick-fil-A for dinner and used a coupon to get a free milkshake.  They have some of the best milkshakes.  I caught up to Amanda at the intersection of MLK and Kerr.  The line was long in the left lane so I got in the right lane- there was only one car ahead of mine and a minivan in the front of the left lane.  I called Amanda and asked if she saw me and she said she had, and I asked if she’d let me over if I didn’t get over before then.  Of course the car in front of me and I smoked the minivan, so it was a moo point, like a cow’s opinion.

After we ate Michael came over and we played our Settlers of Catan game.  I tried things a bit differently and didn’t do too well.  Michael was ahead most of the game but Amanda snuck up and beat him right before he would have won.  Michael had nine points on his last go and had drawn a soldier card.  You have to wait until the next turn to play a development card (such as a soldier card) and this would have been his third one played, which would have given him the largest army card, for two points.  Needing ten points to win, this would have done it for him.

However, Amanda had eight points and an abundance of cards, so she traded in a few and got a couple segments of road to take the longest road, taking the longest road card from Michael.  Her goal was just to make the game go longer to give her a chance to get more points, but she didn’t realize that she had eight and won the game by doing that.  Michael was pretty demoralized, since he’d done so well all game and as soon as his turn came back up he would have won.  Ah well.  Amanda wasn’t much of a threat early on, so it was sort of a come from behind victory.

They watched One Tree Hill while I spent some time in the thinking room then on the computer.  After that we watched The Office, which was the season finale.  They got a new HR person, whom Michael (Michael Scott, on the TV) fell in love with, because Toby was leaving.  Kevin was thought to be a special needs person.  Jim was going to propose to Pam, but Andy idiotically proposed to Angela before he could and accidentally stole his thunder.  Jan is pregnant, but through a sperm bank.  Pam will be leaving to go to art school, and she was upset that Jim hadn’t proposed, so they’ll probably grow apart soon.  All in all I thought it was a pretty good episode, and it was a return somehow to earlier episodes, as far as the humor and all went.

Michael left then Amanda and I watched Lost.  I won’t even bother describing what all happened on that- there’s just way too much.  Next week is a two hour season finale, so that should be good.

I feel like we have a summer break coming up, although, being in the real, working world, that is, of course, not the case.  I’m not sure why I feel like that.  Maybe because all the TV shows are going off and there’s talk of summertime.

Zach Dotsey