Work had settled down a bit today and we got pretty caught up.  Scott has finished, or at least about finished, a couple projects which is freeing up time to work on more of them.

Michael came by the house after Amanda got home so we could all go to PT’s for dinner.  I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV and got Amanda to play a little bit.  Girl was dangerous in a car!  She was riding down sidewalks and mowing down pedestrians left and right.

We ate and came home.  I was going to make myself a milkshake by pouring some milk into a glass with ice cream, but I was told that wasn’t a proper milkshake so Amanda and Michael messed around with a blender and came up with something that was a little more milk than shake.  It still tasted good, but I think the way I was going to do it, the way we did it when I was younger, would have been just as good if not better, not to mention easier.

We played Settlers of Catan and Michael got his revenge by winning not once, but twice tonight.  While we were out I had called up Nick Warkentein and asked if he wanted to come over and play it.  He was working out in the yard until dark, but he came over for the second game.  He and his wife Amy (who was working a wedding tonight) are the ones who introduced us to the game, as you may recall, so this was his first time playing our homemade version. 

Michael wasn’t going to play the second game so he could go home and watch game six of the Lakers and the Jazz (Lakers were up about 18 last I saw) but we got him to stick around for the extra game.  Worked out well for him since, as I said already, he won that one too. 

Amy stopped by on the way home just as Michael was leaving.  She and Nick stuck around for a little bit to chat and whatnot before they left.

Zach Dotsey