Business has been good lately.

I picked Mike Boscaljon up at World Market at 1:00 today to give him a ride home from work.  He just has not had a lot of luck with that scooter of his.

Amanda went to the dentist today for the first time in I think she said five years.  The funny thing about it is that the dentist is her very own uncle and we get a discount, so there’s really no excuse.  Hell, I’ve been every six months since not long after we moved down here to Wilmington.

Michael’s phone won’t hold any charge at all anymore.  I got a Facebook message from him saying he wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone on the and if we needed to get in touch with him to try him on there.  I got on Grand Theft Auto IV right after work today and talked to him for a few minutes over Xbox Live before he came over and shot some hoops with me.  I was awful today, losing all three games of HORSE and three games of 21, although to be fair, one of the games was a really close one and two were lost on a one-handed tap.

Amanda, Michael and I played Settlers of Catan after that.  Amanda dominated the first game and then went to watch TV.  Michael and I played mano-a-mano for the second one, which was a first for us, and he should have won, but I did.  He was able to get the longest road pretty easily and cut off places I wanted to go, but I was able to build up some cities and get a crapload of resources each turn.  Anyhoo.

After Michael left I watched the season finale of How I Met Your Mother with Amanda.  The season finale (I think) of Big Bang Theory was on while Michael and I were playing our game so I half-watched it.  Leonard finally asked Penny out and at the end they kissed to see if they should even try dating.  Or something like that.

We watched House after that, which was a continuation of last week’s.  I’ve got to say it was very touching.  At the end of the last episode they figured out that Amber, the girlfriend of House’s best friend, Wilson, was in a bus crash with House and that something was wrong with her.  In this one they realized that what was wrong with her was something that couldn’t be fixed and that they couldn’t save her.  I never much liked her and never thought she was as attractive as billed, but it was a touching episode.  I caught Amanda a little weepy.  That was another season finale.

She went to bed after that and I watched last week’s Boston Legal and this past weekend’s Robin Hood.

I feel I should say something about all this TV we watch.  Well, I don’t know what to say except that there are too many shows we enjoy watching and the DVR makes it so easy to keep up with them, but then at times it feel like a chore.  "Oh, we’ve got three episodes of Supernatural that we haven’t watched yet!"  Not that watching Supernatural is a chore, but it feels like we’ve got to clean off the DVR at some point.

Two more days.

Zach Dotsey