I love ya, tomorrow.  You’re only a day away.

Sometimes you build something up in your head.  You look forward to it and you can’t wait for it.  Take movies for instance.  You see a trailer months before it comes out then as it gets closer you see commercials all over the place, and you can’t help but think about it more and more.  Then the reviews come in and the reality sets in- it should be as good as you think it will be and you get more excited or the reviews are awful and, because you feel like you should, you go through the motions, buy your ticket and agree that it wasn’t as good as you were wanting it to be.  You get Iron Man or you get Spider-Man 3.

Work work, then Amanda got off work and made enchiladas.  Michael came by to see if we could trim the back of his head.  He buzzed his hair today and didn’t trust himself to cut the back.  Last time I remember doing that for myself was New Year’s Eve, 2001.  It was complicated and involved the use of  multiple mirrors, but I apparently did a good job.

We ate, Michael went home and we watched some TV.  We watched the last two episodes of the season of Supernatural.  That really is a solid show.  I wonder how well it does in the ratings.  In the last episode Dean was taken by a hellhound, the time expiring on the deal for his soul and the last scene was of him being stretched with hooks in his flesh by large hooks in Hell.  Right before that Sam somehow used a dormant supernatural power to defeat Lilith, a big demon.

In between those we watched the final singing night of American Idol.  We’re pretty sure David Archuleta has beaten David Cook.  Cook was a much better showman but all he wasn’t as solid as Archuleta.  That’s the first time all season I’ve said that, and it was the first time all season I actually wasn’t annoyed by David Archuleta’s singing.  Well, the first two songs anyway.  his last song was Imagine, which was the song that made me not like him in the first place.  The things he did to that John Lennon classic that made me not like it, he amplified them tonight, so I liked it even less, which is saying something.

David Cook’s best song was his second one.  I didn’t recognize it and the first half of it was cut off by a weather alert (they interrupted the last competing night of Idol to tell us what we could see in a news crawler?  Really?), but it was a sing picked from a number of sings submitted to American Idol.  He did a good job with it, I thought.  The lyrics were very American Idol, but it wasn’t as saccharine as they usually are.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Archuleta won.  If even I thought he did a good job then he probably knocked it out of the ballpark and will win big.  Good luck, David Cook.

Interestingly enough, Amanda watched today’s episode of Ellen on the DVR after we watched the last Supernatural and Simon Cowell was a guest on the show.  He actually said he thought David Cook would win.  That’s funny considering all the knob-slobbin’ the judges were laying on David Archuleta.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. 

Ugh.  We have so much to do tomorrow.  Spider-Man 3, baby, Spider-Man 3.

Zach Dotsey