Actually like seven or so.  Amanda’s ostensibly able to do everything normally again now: lifting things, exercising, whatever.  She’s still a bit slow at a couple things, but today marks six weeks since her surgery and the all-clear from the doctor.

There were a number of small group cancellations today.  Justin is out of town again this week, which we knew was to be the case, but Lisa’s still sick.  It turns out that she had swollen lymph nodes and some ovarian cysts, but my understanding is they were small and were to be knocked out with meds.  Mike texted me that Kaitlyn wasn’t feeling well so they weren’t coming.  Elliot had an audit sprung on him at work, so he had to stay late to help take care of that, so he and Melissa weren’t coming.  Kristen called and said she’d meant to e-mail me earlier, but she and Rob weren’t coming either.  I talked to Kyle and he said he and Lorin were planning on coming even though he wasn’t feeling too well.  Lorin was going to bring a college friend, Allison I believe, who was in town from Nashville, Tennessee for some job interviews.

Well, Kyle ended up not coming, but Lorin and Allison came and Lorin also invited Dave Sapp.  We decided to have dinner at Chili’s and mostly just talked about this and that.  I had mentioned that it was six weeks since Amanda’s surgery and that she’s clear to do whatever she wants now, so Dave asked if I’d be using a different set of Bocce balls next time we played.

When I play games I usually use the blue pieces.

We got home and watched the American Idol finale.  They had all kinds of guest stars as usual.  George Michael was on a little bit too long as the last act I thought, but whatever.

Oh, and David Cook won.  There seems to have been a lot more Archuleta backlash than I thought.  Amanda said that Cyra told her she was listening to the radio earlier in the day and most people who called in and talked about it said they voted for Cook but expected Archuleta to win. had predicted David Cook to win too.  By the time it was announced I wasn’t really surprised.

And then, well, understandably not quite Iron Man, but not Spider-Man 3 either.

Zach Dotsey