One of our larger clients was upset with me today.  I talk with some of his employees probably several times a week, but I’ve only talked to him once before, and the first time was more pleasant.  There was an issue with the website, although I think he thought the problem was bigger than it was.  We were able to fix it pretty quick and I didn’t talk to him afterwards, but I’m supposing we made him happy.

In other work news, we’ve built a site-building system to make it easy for us and for clients to make changes and add features to sites.  We’ve been using it for a while now and Scott has been doing a lot of things to keep making it better.  He walked me through a bunch of it today, so I should be able to use it pretty well now and free up more time for him.

Amanda bumped into her brother at the grocery store.  He was on his way over to do some laundry and we played some basketball while the clothes were washing.  He beat me twice at HORSE- I couldn’t hit any midrange shots for some reason but I was hitting some bombs pretty decently.  In the second game I came back from HORS to H but lost HORSE to HORS.  We tried out a game of Tap HORSE, where you have to throw the ball up and tap it in, but he won that too.

After that we went inside and played Settlers of Catan with Amanda.  She started off strong and Michael struggled for most of the game.  I ended up doing well and winning because I had a number of settlements and cities around sheep and wheat tiles with commonly-rolled numbers, and each one had its own port next to it.  Basically every time I got something for either one of those tiles, I had enough resources that I could trade them in for two cards of whatever I wanted.  Turned out to be a great strategy.

However the game was going for each of us, we were all about one turn away from winning.  When I won Amanda only needed one more city, settlement of Soldier card to get another point and win, and Michael needed one city then to play a couple Victory Point cards he’d stored up.  I had one myself, which I got at the beginning of the game and didn’t flip over until that last turn.

I was feeling a little light-headed so I made myself a sandwich while Amanda went off to fold some towels.  Michael decided to open all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.  Amanda came and talked to us more than once, even glancing into the kitchen one time, before she noticed.  Michael and I were having a hard time hiding our laughter every time she came by to talk to us.

We picked up a little and just generally putzed around for most of the night.  Amanda was watching So You Think You Can Dance, which we’ve never watched and I don’t intend to get into, but she called me in to see this one guy who just had all these crazy moves.  He did robot-type stuff, some lock and pop (I think it what it’s called) and all this other weird stuff.  I can’t even really describe it, but it was amazing.  The judges didn’t know if he’d fit into the show, but they said that whatever happened, they hoped someone picked him up for videos, commercials, something.

The History of Prostitution is on the History Channel right now.  It’s pretty interesting, actually. 

Zach Dotsey