Today was a return to work, but on the plus side there are only four days in the work week this week.  And at this point my sunburn isn’t hurting much at all.

I took Bruce to the vet today.  Just a checkup, and he’s doing fine.  He was very inquisitive while we were waiting and he wanted to play with some of the other dogs.  One, a large black lab, was in because she was having hip trouble and Bruce kept wanting to meet her, but she snapped at him so I kept him on a shorter leash after that.  The owner apologized and said she normally wasn’t like that with male dogs, but she was probably nervous and in a little pain.

Not much else to report on for the day.  I worked then talked to Jason for a bit.  We have pretty much the same feelings about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  He started posting on the off-topic Duke message board.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’m up to over 950 posts on that board already in about two years.  I’d have to say that is very likely my most visited website.

Amanda got home a bit early tonight because they changed something at work.  Long story short, they can do the bag runs in a different way now that allows them to make it more efficient.

Michael called last night and told me that he had gotten the Xbox Live version of Settlers of Catan so I’ll probably get that later tonight.  He said that we had gotten the city upgrade cost wrong- that it’s three stone and two wheat, as opposed to three wheat and two stone.  Oops, guess I’ll have to print some new cards.

We munched on leftovers for dinner tonight.  Amanda watched some TV while I played some Grand Theft Auto IV then I joined her to watch Law & Order: SVU and the season finale of Boston Legal, which pitted best friends Alan Shore and Denny Crane against each other.  I think theirs is the best friendship on television, and part of their rooftop banter in this episode reminded me of me and Jason.  Then they played a cover of In My Life as Denny and Alan walked down the street in Coast Guard uniforms and waders to go fishing.

In My Life, by The Beatles, is the song I want played at my funeral when I die.  It’s also, as you may have noticed, the name of my default category on this website.  Sometimes the friendship between Alan and Denny is quite touching, and so as the song started to play in the final scene I told Amanda that’s just not fair.  I didn’t get choked up or anything, but I thought I might.

Zach Dotsey