I downloaded and played Catan on Xbox Live with Michael last night.  Obviously it’s a video game version of that game we’ve played so much of lately, Settlers of Catan.  We’ve discovered a couple new rules and a mess up on the city upgrade cards because of it.

Today wasn’t overly exciting.  I had a bit of a headache last night when I went to bed and got up a little before 9:00 this morning, so I didn’t take a shower until 5:00.  Good times.  Then we went to McAlliser’s for small group.  Everyone was there tonight except Elliot and Melissa.  Elliot had e-mailed me and told me that he was out yesterday and was making up for it today.  Due to being out of town and sick, this was the first time Justin and Lisa Hauenstein met us at McAllister’s and Justin said it was the first time he’d actually been in there.  They spoke up a bit, which is good considering how little they’ve gotten to really know the group yet.

I think I mentioned this before, but Lisa had some swollen lymph nodes, and those are better, but she’s got some nagging cysts that have to be checked out some more.  I just hope for her that it wasn’t as bad as it was for Amanda.  The good news is that unlike Amanda’s I think they’re smaller and if they have to be removed it might be outpatient surgery.  The bad news is that unlike Amanda’s they’re causing her pain.

Amanda and I came home and watched an episode of Ghost Hunters.  Well, she watched all of it, I was kind of in and out of the second half of it.  I was a little too comfy on the couch I guess and I dozed a bit.

When Amanda went to bed she noticed that one of the blankets smelled like something dead, which is how the dogs sometimes smell when they roll in nasty things that we don’t see outside, so we changed the sheets.

My buddy Jason Revill has taken an active roll in posting on thedevilsden.com, my most frequented website.  He’s already got over twenty posts, last time I checked, mainly on the off topic and political discussion boards.  I’m just over 950, but he’s got a nice start.  He was actually on there a little bit with his regular username, but apparently Joel got that one banned or something at some point, so he made a new one.  I’m not sure how or why Joel would have been banned from a Duke message board.

I played Catan with Michael again this evening.  I think he won both games last night.  Abraham Lincoln (one of the AI computer players) won our first game tonight and I won the second.  That second one was a frustrating one for my brother-in-law as his expansion was extremely limited. 

Zach Dotsey